6th Week Assignment Answer

6th Week Assignment Answer PDF 2021 For Class 6, 7, 8 & 9

6th Week Assignment Answer PDF has been published on My website bdjobstoday.info today. Assalamu Alaikum, I am starting today’s post wishing everyone a beautiful life. Where we are going to share the 6th week assignment question and its answer. There will be the correct solution for the assignments of the 6th week assignments of class 6, 7, 8 and 9. So let’s start without further ado.

6th Week Assignment Answer

6th Week Assignment PDF Download

Today, Sunday, June 8, 2021, the assignment for the 6th week has been published. Assignment questions for classes 6 to 9 have been published on the official website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, www.dshe.gov.bd at 5 pm that day. Where 2 subjects have been given for each class. Classes 6 to 9 have given assignments on the same subject, those subjects are Home Science, Agriculture Education and English. However, class 9 has given on 4 subjects. In class 9, one subject is given in humanities group (Bangladesh History and World Civilization), one in science group (physics), one in commercial group (accounting) and one of the required information and communication technology (ICT) subjects.

6th Week Assignment Answer

৬ষ্ঠ থেকে ৯ম শ্রেণি পর্যন্ত এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট (ষষ্ঠ সপ্তাহের জন্য) প্রেরণ সংক্রান্ত। প্রশ্ন পিডিএফ এখানে (সকল ক্লাস)

৬ষ্ঠ থেকে ৯ম শ্রেণি পর্যন্ত এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর সবার আগে পেতে দ্রুত জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন (? এখানে ক্লিক করে ☑️)

6th Week Assignment Answer Class 6

Class 6 gave assignments for the 6th week, where Bangla gave 1st paper, Home Science and agricultural education subjects. With this, for the second time, he gave the assigned work of assignment on the subject of Bangla and agricultural education of class 6. Earlier, he had given assignments in the second week.

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Class 6 English Assignment Answer 6th Week

6th Week Agricultural (Krishi Sikkha) Assignment Answer Class 6

6th Week Class 6 Assignment Home Science

6th Week Assignment Class 7 2021 Answer

Are you a student of class 7? Then I would say you are now looking for the 6th week class 7 assignment question. You have been given an assignment in class 7, which is for the 7th week. One by one, after 5 weeks, the class 7 assignment is going on now in the 6th week. We have answered all the week class 7 assignments before, this time will be no exception.

English Assignment Answer 6th Week Class 7

Assignment Answer Class 7 Agricultural Education 6th Week

Home Science Class 7 6th Week Assignment

6th Week Assignment Answer Class 8

Assigned assignments for 6th week in 2 subjects for class 8 like class 6 and 7. There, too, he gave the same assignments in agricultural education, Home Science and English as in class 6 and 7 as assignments. Like the 2nd time since class 8 assignment of that subject. That is why the preparation of Class 8 Agriculture and English Assignment has been tightened on the 2nd chapter.

6th Week English Assignment Answer For Class 8

Home Science 6th Week Assignment Class 8

Class 8 Agricultural Education 6th Week Assignment Answer

6th Week Assignment Answer For Class 9

Assignment of 8th week of class 6, 7 and 8 is gone, now let’s move on to class 9. Also gave the assignment for the 6th week of class 9, the question or the main part of the assigned work we have given above. Although assignment subjects are prescribed in the same syllabus from class 6 to 8, it is different for class 9. Because class 9 is conducted in group form. Class 9 education system is run under these 3 different groups Science, Humanities and Commercial. So all the rules are different in the field of class 9. The 6th week assignment includes Class 9 ICT, Physics and Bangladesh History and World Civilization.

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Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer For 6th Week

6th Week Bangladesh History and World Civilization Assignment Class 9

6th Week Assignment Answer 2021

The questions of 8th week assignment classes 6, 7, 8 and 9 are also given above, I hope you have got it. But now you need the answer to the question of the assignment from class 6 to 9. You have no reason to worry. Do you know why there is no reason to worry guys? Because we have given 6th week assignment questions of all classes, we will also give the answer. To put it more bluntly, we will answer the assignments for the 6th week of class 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Final words:

In the upper part you will get 6th week class 6, 7, 8 and 9 assignment questions and answers. Where the question of the assigned work of the assignment of each subject and its answer have been very carefully. I hope this post on all those topics will help you a lot. Note that the last date for submission of 6th week assignment is 13th June, 2021.