A Salt Is Formed When An Acid And _____ React.?

A salt is formed when an acid and water react.

In which of the given reaction a salt is reacting with a base?


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The salt is reacting with a base to form a salt-base reaction.

What is formed when an acid and a base react?

A salt is formed when an acid and a base react.

What happens when acid reacts with acid?

The acid and the metal react to create an acid-metal alloy.

How are acids and bases formed?

A base is formed when an acid attacks a molecule of hydrogen. The hydrogen is broken down into two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. These two atoms combine to form a new atom of hydrogen.

Do acid base reactions always produce salt?

Yes, acid base reactions always produce salt.

What is a salt in chemistry class 10?

A salt is an atom of an element that has been replaced by another element in a chemical reaction.

Is salt a metal?

Salt is not a metal. Salt is a mineral.

Can salt and acid react?

Yes, salt and acid can react. The two elements can combine to create new molecules, and can also react with each other to create new salts and acids.

What happens when acid reacts with base class 10?

The acid and the base react to produce a product.

When acid and base react Dash and Dash are formed?

The two reactants in an acid-base reaction are called the base and the acid. The two reactants in a Dash-acid reaction are called the acid and the Dash.

How are salts formed quizlet?

Salt is formed when water and air react to create H2O and CO2.

How is neutral salt acidic salt and basic salt formed?

The two most common types of salt are basic and neutral. Neutral salt is the simplest type of salt, and it is made up of two elements, hydrogen ions and chloride ions. Basic salt is made up of three elements, hydrogen ions, chlorine ions, and potassium ions.

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How salt is formed from acid and base?

Salt is formed from the combination of acid and base. The two elements that make up salt are HCl and NaCl. HCl is made up of water and hydrogen gas, while NaCl is made up of Na+ and Cl-. When these two elements combine, they create salt.

Is salt a compound or mixture?

A compound. Salt is made up of atoms of sodium and chloride.

What is a salt Class 7?

A salt class 7 is a type of salt that is used for cooking and other food preservation.

What is produced when an acid reacts with a base quizlet?

The acid reacts with the base to form a salt.

Is salt an element?

Yes, salt is an element.

What reaction produces salt and water?

A reaction that produces salt and water is the reaction of an enzyme with an acid.

What are products formed when and acid reacts with a base What is the type of reaction give an example and name the salt obtained?

The type of reaction that produces products is a base-acid reaction. The salt that is produced is hydrochloric acid.

Is salt an acid or base?

Salt is an acid.

How do acids and bases react with metals Class 10?

A metal is dissolved in acid andbase. The metal is then corroded by the acid andbase.

How are salts formed Class 10?

Salt is formed in the earth when water and an element like potassium react to create salt water. The salt water is then heated until it becomes a liquid. The liquid is then poured into a vat and heated again until it becomes a solid.

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When acid reacts with base gives salt and water write a chemical reaction for this statement and also give name of the reaction?

The following chemical reaction takes place when acid react with base:H2O2 + Acidity = H2OThe name of the reaction is H2O2 + Acidity = H2O.

Is salt a molecule?

Yes, salt is a molecule.

What is formed when acid reacts with salt?

The acid and salt combine to create a solution.

What are the two products formed when an acid and base mix?

The two products formed when an acid and base mix are H2O and H2O2.

What does NaCl react with?

A NaCl solution will react with water to form a NaHCl solution.

What is the process when acids and bases react to form salt and water?

A salt is formed when an acid and a base react to form a salt.

How is the salt formed?

Salt is formed when water and other minerals combine to form a salt crystal.

Why do acid-base reactions occur?

Acid-base reactions occur because the two elements in a chemical reaction are not always equal. The acid is more basic than the base. This is because the acid has a negative charge and the base has a positive charge. When the two elements are combined, the acid and the base combine to form a new element.