Cadet College Admission Syllabus, Suggestion, Guide Book

Cadet College Admission Written Test Syllabus, Suggestion, Guide Book 2022 PDF

The Cadet College Admission Written Test Syllabus, Suggestion, Guide Book 2022 has been published on My website Assalamu alaikum, how are you all? Hope all is well and healthy by the grace of Almighty God. I am going to share a very important topic in today’s article. Where I will give the syllabus, suggestions, guide books of the written examination for admission to the cadet college to be held on 26th January, 2022. From which the students going to take part in the admission test of cadet college will benefit a lot. Therefore, those who want to take the Cadet College Admission Test and those who have parents, will pay close attention to the article.

Cadet College Admission Syllabus, Suggestion, Guide Book

Cadet College Admission Info At a glance:

Online Application Process: 03rd December 2021 to 15th January, 2022
Admit card Download: 16th January to 27 January, 2022
Admission Test Date: 28th January, 2022
Admission Test Result Publish Date: 2nd to 6th February, 2022
Official Website:

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How to prepare for cadet college admission written test?

The first way to get good results in cadet college admission test is to be good in every subject i.e. to be All Square. If you want to do something excellent in the admission test, you have to be proficient in Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge.

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The total number of Cadet College Admission Tests is 300, 100 marks in English, 100 marks in Mathematics and 100 marks, and 80 and 40 marks in Bengali General Knowledge respectively. Each multi-storey building or tower has very strong, durable and durable pillars at the four ends, and if one of these four pillars has a slight problem, the multi-storey building collapses.

In the same way, if you want to reach heights like the Eiffel Tower or something like Burj Khalifa, you have to know all the four subjects of Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge in depth and get good results in exams. If you have any of these deficiencies, everything will fall apart like a house of cards.

English test

The most important part of the cadet college admission test is English. Emphasis should be given on English grammar as well as different types of writing. Even though English and Maths have the same number, this subject was given the most importance in last year’s admission test. And you can be sure of that from a cadet college student brother you know.

Because in Cadet College every subject is taught in English version. If you somehow do well in the admission test. But this subject is shaky, but after getting a full chance to be admitted to the cadet college, you will have to face a lot of problems. Even if the admission test syllabus is not mentioned, your board book is of utmost importance. You need to know what is in every corner of the book, whether the new words have been omitted, that is, you have to read the whole book well.

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You can also read the English version of the Panjeri Guide. You can read more about self-teaching, self-learning, advance navdoot i.e. any one of these books. Which you have; To do better in English Second Paper. You can also read the sixth grade English grammar book once. And you can know more about the paragraphs given there.

Need to have a little idea about linking verb, infinitive, transitive, particle. You can read different forms of verbs, common mistakes in sentences. Which is very important in paragraph writing. I can take some ideas for picture writing, dialogue, email, although these are not always tested.

Free-hand Writing

It is very important to do well in this Open Ended part to do well in the admission test. The more you read for this, the more you have to read paragraphs and compositions. And you have to try to explain and write the different pictures of your English and Bangladesh and World Identity books by yourself. Also, when writing an email, the British American (old / new) will follow either one, in no way can the two rules be messed up. The same advice applies to Application and Letter.

If there is a dialogue in the test, it should be written in six or seven pairs of conversations. At most two to two and a half pages. In this case hi, hello, goodbye, see you these will not be counted among the six or seven pairs.

No need to memorize a paragraph. However, below are some topics that if you have a good idea about Bengali, English and G.K will benefit all three

  • Bangladesh and its history
  • Bangubandhu Sheikh Mujib & Mujib 100
  • Independence Day, Victory Day, Mother Language Day
  • Liberation war- Agartala conspiracy case, Six points movement, Mass uprising, 70’s election, 7th march speech,
  • Murder of1975
  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  • Padma bridge (Basic knowledge & Information)
  • Virtual and alternative system of learning
  • Global warming and climate change
  • National security, defense, military, cadet college
  • Internet and globalization – Effects and affects
  • United Nations and it’s different organizations
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If you read these topics well, the cadet college admission test as well as in other fields will be very useful in the future. Completing story is usually a little difficult in cadet college admission test. So to do well you need to read a lot of story books, teen light, science fiction or any other periodical. At the same time, it requires a keen mind and imagination. When writing about an argumentative essay, beautiful short arguments are more effective than irrelevant ones.

Math test

Many have asked me questions about math. Maybe everyone is a little more worried about this. But math is a very simple and interesting subject.

It is not right to make a simple and beautiful thing stand on a hard fence by reading books of the upper class unnecessarily and seeing difficult problems. Remember that seventh, eighth, ninth-tenth grade books are not for you. You will learn little by little when the time comes. So even if you don’t read high class books, there is no reason to worry. It is also true that our sixth grade books are not enough for admission test.

It is enough to know the details of square formulas and conclusions, the main points of the theorem, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, percentages and profit and loss. In addition to the ninth and tenth grade math book on pages 2 and 3, the eighth grade 126-page quadrangle classification can be learned with the help of the teacher. An important definition and description helped me a lot in the admission test. Just memorizing will not get any good results at all, so if you do not understand the math just leave it.

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You can read all the MCQs and short questions related to Sushil or any other guide book of Ideal Cadet College Admission Test. And you know how to make yourself proficient in model tests and more.

Simple things cannot be mistaken in trying to solve difficult problems by running after this number. Someone asked me if I should read tenth grade books. My advice is that your question will not come directly from any tenth grade book.

And the teacher’s experience and guidance is most important in this regard. If the math question is difficult, it will be difficult not only for you, but for all the meritorious students.

Cadet College Admission – Bangla Preparation

First of all you have to read all the Bangla board books. You have to finish it in such a way that you can actually fill in the blanks from anywhere. Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam and other famous poets should read well. Grammar should be good for this 60 number subject. You can read the book Bangla Second Letter, must read. The opposite words, synonyms, idioms of ninth-tenth grade grammar books will make you more proficient.

A lot of reading is needed to do well in the written part. It is enough to read each paragraph or essay three or four times, there is no need to memorize. There is an excellent book called “Rachna Sambhar” for ninth-tenth class for expanding ideas, paragraphs, summaries and summaries. If you can’t collect this book, you can read the book you have. I had an idea about this book from the fourth grade onwards, which helped me to write paragraphs.

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It is better to finish the idea in one and a half to two pages. The summary and summary should be written in two or three sentences, so in this case the word magnet should be used more. Paragraphs should never be written in excess of what is required. Writing too much will always be counterproductive – applicable to both Bengali and English.

Admission Test – General Knowledge

No matter how common the name may be, we have very little common sense and common sense. You can buy Saltamami of Ideal Publications 2020 and read the current affairs of January once, of course there is no need to read job preparation, difficult information, difficult rankings and shortcuts.

Last year’s question and guide’s model tests have to be mastered. There is no problem even if you don’t read the important events that have taken place in different rivers, countries, capitals and currencies. There may be a maximum of two or three numbers, which require a lot of time to read. And if you give that time in mathematics or English, it will be quite beneficial.

Important marks on other subjects can never be missed in becoming extraordinary in common sense. Cadet college teachers usually ask more questions about the country from the world and less questions about the year. This does not mean that there will be no question, but less.

Besides, you have to know the questions and answers of each chapter of science, Bangladesh and world identity and ICT. At the same time, everything related to the chapter from the cadet college admission test guide has to be read.

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What if I don’t remember any common sense information or a list or chart? Just remember to read such information 3 to 4 times. Our brains answer many questions and problems from a little reading in times of danger.

Cadet College Admission Syllabus 2022 pdf

Last year, 22,000 students fought for 600 seats in the cadet college admission battle. Which is about two thousand more than his previous year. About 36 people took part in each seat. So it is understood that the competition in these very popular educational institutions is increasing. And so if you want to get the opportunity to study after being admitted to the cadet college, there is no alternative to good and complete preparation. Today we will discuss the exam preparation of the students admitted in the cadet college. Besides, I will mention which subjects need to be studied well.

cadet college admission Syllabus

What will be read in grammar

1. Language and Bengali language, phonetics, morphology, syntax, rhetoric. 2. Identification of words and terms: words, terms, classification of terms, change of terms, opposite words, double words and numerical words. 3. Gender. 4. Word. 5. Verb tense: classification and application. . The doer. . Proverbs. . In a word. 9. Punctuation.

Construction and composition style:

1. Emotion-expansion.
2. Paragraph Writing / Reasoning Paragraph (10-15 sentences)
3. Realization.
4. Summary and essence.

English Preparation: 100 marks

Grammar – 1. Sentence. 2. Parts of Speech. 3. Gender. 4. Number. 5. Punctuation and use of capital letters. 6. Tense. 7. Subject and Predicate. 8. Agreement of Subject and Verb. 9. Transformation of sentences. 10. Correct form of verbs 11. Contractions. 12. Re-arrange jumbled words to make sentences. 13. Spelling. 14. Phrases and Idioms.

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Writing Section:

1. Paragraph writing.
2. Story writing from given outline.
3. Comprehension.
4. Argumentative Essay.

cadet english Syllabus

Math Preparation: 100 marks

Textbooks for 6th class of 2020 academic year prescribed by National Curriculum and Textbook Board should be read. Mathematics preparation topics are:

1. Normal numbers and fractions.
2. Proportions and percentages.
3. Integer
4. Algebraic sum.
5. Simple equations.
6. The basic concept of geometry.
7. Practical geometry.
8. Information and data.
9. Mathematics of intelligence.

math Syllabus

Other preparations: 40 marks

The textbooks mentioned below the 6th class of the 2020 academic year prescribed by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board should be read.

1. General Science
2. Bangladesh and world identity
3. Information and communication technology

General knowledge

Syllabus for Cadet Admission Exam 2022 PDF

Cadet College Admission Question Pattern & Mark Distribution PDF

In the cadet college admission test, questions were asked on 8 subjects. These are Bengali, English, Mathematics, Science, Bangladesh and World Identity, Information and Communication Technology and General Knowledge respectively. Allocation of number 60 for Bengal. There will be a total of 200 marks out of 100 for English and Maths. There will be a total of 40 marks in Science, Bangladesh and World Identity, Information and Communication Technology and General Knowledge. So all the subjects together are going to be a test of 300 marks in total.

Cadet College Admission Question Pattern & Mark Distribution

Best Guide Book List for army cadet college Admission for Preparation 2022

Twelve cadet colleges in Bangladesh have become the focus of interest of students and parents. Every year millions of meritorious people of the country enter the cadet college for quality education. Compared to other educational institutions across the country, cadet colleges are at the top of the list.

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Because, these institutions are playing a role in developing the students as ideal citizens through excellent education system, sports, cultural and educational support activities, compulsory physical training. Besides, the students here do not have to do any extra coaching or private study. Consult your teacher on how much to read each book and whether or not to read at all. But do not forget to memorize the whole book alone!

What guide and what to wear?

  • Civil or Ideal Publishing Guide,
  • The model test should be read well,
  • Last year’s questions on each subject,
  • Self-Teaching English Grammar Book,
  • 9th-10th class essay collection,
  • Mp3 General Knowledge- Bangladesh Part,
  • Saltamami-Ideal Publishing,
  • Ideal Cadet College Admission Guide (Bangla Version)
  • Other books and topics assigned by the teacher.

Cadet selection process

Candidates are selected for the oral examination by first looking at the merit list through written examinations. At the end of the oral examination, the selected cadets are taken to the ISSB for mental and health examination. Then they get admission in cadet colleges.

Since there is a lot of competition every year for admission in cadet college, the merit of a student is given priority in admission. Although the quota system is resonated, no one gets the quota benefit if they do not pass the written test.


With good preparation in every subject, you too can become one of the best cadets in the country. And of course there is no substitute for good preparation. We hope that if you follow these suggestions well, your Cadet College Admission Test will definitely be fruitful. Congratulations! You have finished reading this huge article, which means you are thirsty for knowledge and want to do better. Many good wishes for you. If you have any questions about Cadet College Admission Preparation or anything else you would like to know, be sure to comment.

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