CAG Exam Question Solution

CAG Exam Question Solution 2022 | Comptroller & Auditor MCQ Solve

CAG Exam Question Solution 2022 | Comptroller & Auditor General MCQ Solve has been published on My website today. Today, we are going to solve the question of appointment test and its solution paper for the various types of posts in the office of Comptroller and Auditor General. At the end of the test, we have to come up with a solution so as not to suffer any kind of problem to get a solution. You can find the full details about CAG Exam Question Solution here. You can also check out this similar CAG Exam Result 2022 | Comptroller and Auditor General Result here.

CAG Exam Question Solution

CAG Exam Question Solution 2022

The appointment of various posts of Comptroller and Auditor General was held today, May 5, 2022. All the candidates have now demanded the timely solution to the question. Because after the test they have already started searching on various portals. We are also prepared to respond to their words and needs. So wait without thinking.

  • Post Name: Auditor & Senior Account Clerk
  • Total Job Vacancy: 323
  • Type of exam: Multiple choice
  • Exam Date: January 07, 2022
  • Official website:
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কন্ট্রোলার জেনারেল ডিফেন্স ফাইন্যান্সের নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার সময়সূচী, প্রশ্ন সমাধান ও ফলাফল দ্রুত জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন ।
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Why is it important to see the solution to the question?

At the end of all types of tests, it is necessary to look at the solution of the test. And if there is a job placement test then it is extremely difficult to see the solution to the question at the end of the exam. Because everyone gives the recruitment test a lot of dreams that he will get a job, stand in life, prove that there are many things. With all these expectations, they all find solutions to the questions and after getting their answers, they come up with solutions. How will your results be? Question solving plays an important role in making assumptions before publishing the results.

Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh Exam Question Papers 2022

At the end of the exam, we will work to resolve the question paper collection process after it is completed. We try to provide accurate answers by our skilled teachers and some students. The solution will be given down here, thank you one by one.

Preliminary Preparation at the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Office

At the Comptroller and Auditor General’s office, 323 people will be appointed in various positions, including ‘auditors’. Fill out the application form and submit the fee till March 19, 2022. The preliminary examination will be the first of the selection process. Details of Preli’s preparation are provided by BDJOBSTODAY.INFO Senior Admin Ilias Ahmed Rose.

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CAG Exam Method:

The first step is to test the preliminary or prelims at number 100. This test is done in MCQ (multiple selection) method. The second step is the written test of number 200. And last is the number 25 brother.

Syllabus and number bonding procedure for preliminary (MCQ) examination

The preliminary exam consists of a total of 100 marks on Bengali, English, mathematics, general knowledge, computers and information technology. In this case there are 30 questions in general calculation, 25 in English, 20 in Bengal, 10 in general knowledge and 10 in computer / information technology.

Subjective Wise preparation


There are basically two types of questions in the English section; First, Vocabulary based, secondly, Grammar based. Vocabulary based topics are – Synonyms, Antonyms, One word substitution, Replacing underlined word, Analogy, Odd man out, Spelling, Sentence Completion, Group verb, Appropriate preposition, Idioms & Phrase. And Grammar-based topics are – Error Finding, Sentence Correction, Correct Sentence Choice, Rearrange Sentence Parts, Grammar Based Fill in the blanks |

For the vocabulary section, first Vocabulary can be memorized in the previous examinations (all banks) from an exclusive book of synonyms and antonyms written by Mohiuddin. You see, many of these vocabularies are fairly well known. Make it a habit to read English magazines regularly. When reading English magazines, take note of unknown or difficult words in the dictionary and find meaning in the dictionary. Then read them daily. Then reading regular English magazines will slowly make a lot of sense. This means that the vocabulary will reach. And if you practice translation, it will do a great job in focus writing, translation, etc. in the written exam. You can read Cliffs toefl for the grammar section. Writing in plain-simple language. If you can read it well, you don’t have to worry about grammar. Then practice last year’s recruitment exam questions from a guidebook.

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Agarwal’s book does a great job of preparing the bank for mathematics. From this book only important topics have to be practiced. In addition, topic-based preparation can be obtained from various websites. And those whose basics of mathematics are weak, practice the seventh to tenth grade math books well. Percentage, interest, time and work, time and distance, profit-loss, age, tube and square, ratio and ratio, measure and unit, average, share and dividend, mix and mix, layout and assembly. Algebraic zodiacs, indices, equations, logarithms, sets, series, usually get more questions. Geometry triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, coordinates and distances also come into question. In addition, there are occasional questions about dimensional and trigonometry.


The grammar part is more important than the literature in Bengal. To prepare for the grammar section, the ninth-tenth grammar book written by Munir Chowdhury should be read and understood. There are more questions on language, sound, color, symmetrical, causal and divisive, arthritis, speech, variations of words, transliteration, sentences, flows, singular expressions, etc. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the topics. However, there are some things that need to be done in a big way, not just relying on the ninth-tenth grammar book.

In this case, Dr. The language education book written by Hayat Mamood can be read. Language should be read from education books – terminology, synonyms, opposite words, nonsense, spelling corrections, application of words, singular expressions, proverbs etc. Literature does not usually ask a single question. Any guide book of good quality for the preparation of the literature section should be followed. In the literature section, the questions that came up during the last recruitment exam last year are more likely to be common.

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General Knowledge:

There are two types of questions in common sense. First, on permanent information or events, second, on recent information or events. The magnitude of common sense is huge. Therefore, contemporary facts and information need to be monitored. Regular magazines and informational websites can be seen for this. When analyzing the questions of bank recruitment in the previous year, it is seen that there are regular questions from several issues. Such as – contemporary politics, elections, feminism, socialism, service, sports, awards etc. Besides, the economic survey data of Bangladesh, the economic data of different countries – GDP, per capita income, currency, national bank name, UN and the World Bank, all their associations, various economic and business agreements, etc.

Besides, the history of Bangladesh (1947-1971) should be well known. In order to better prepare for common sense, the journal’s trade and economy, international, subcontinent and sports news, articles and information should be read regularly. Important data can be recorded in the database. If the international media can see the BBC and CNN news then it is good. In the last week of every month (Saturday), a model test (with answers) on the latest international and Bangladesh issues is given in the Kanta Kantha Magazine’s ‘Have a Job’ page. Reading the Model Test will help you with the latest issues. Besides, a guidebook of good quality can be read in the general knowledge of the market.

Computer and Information Technology:

The computer book of secondary can be read for preparation in Computer and Information Technology section. Besides, it is good to read important topics from the information technology books of high school. Besides, a guide book of good quality can be read. Computer History, Computer Types, Evolution, Organization, System Unit, Output Unit, Memory, Stored Device, Computer Bus, Computer Software, Operating System, Database, Digital Logic, Cellular Phone, Computer Network, Cloud Computing, Internet, E-mail, Typical questions like e-commerce, social networking, utility programs, MS Word, MS Excel, etc. The questions that have come up in various recruitment exams including banks in the past years have to be more practiced. In addition, various websites related to preparation for the recruitment test can be seen.

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CAG Jobs MCQ, Written Question, Prosno Solves, Answer, Uttor 2022

We are tired of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh to solve the recruitment test questions. MCQs, including all written queries, have been resolved with 100% accuracy. So be careful about the answer and guess the result in the answer itself.

Finally hope everyone has seen and matched CAG Exam Question Solution 2022. Good luck to everyone for the good results of the test. Thanks for being with us. All will be well.