Class 7 Islam Assignment Answer

Class 7 Islam Sikkha Assignment Answer 7th Week 2021

Class 7 Islam Sikkha Assignment Answer has been published on My website today. My salam to everyone at the beginning of the post, Assalamu Alaikum. Dear Student Friends, Today will be given Class 7 Islam and Moral Education Assignment ‘Correct Answer’. You can also check out this similar Class 7 English Assignment Answer here.

Class 7 Islam Assignment Answer

Class 7 Islam and Moral Education Assignment

There are innumerable examples of the oneness of God in the universe around us. Create a pastor with practical examples of evidence of monotheism.

Assignment Subject: Islam and Moral Education
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ক্লাস ৭ ইসলাম শিক্ষা এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর ১ম সপ্তাহের জন্য!


৬ষ্ঠ থেকে ৯ম শ্রেণি পর্যন্ত এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর সবার আগে পেতে দ্রুত জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন (? এখানে ক্লিক করে ☑️)

Class 7 Islam Assignment Answer For 7th Week

Allah is one and unique. He has no partners. He is perfect in all respects and there is no imperfection in him. He has no partner or equal in the management of this whole world and he is the only deity and no one else can be in his position. There is a lot of evidence of the Oneness of Allah in the Holy Quran. Evidence of monotheism is mentioned with hymn examples:

We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day. If there were two creators in this universe, then there would be a problem with the rising and setting of the sun. One creator says the sun rises in the west and one creator says the sun rises in the east. And if that were the case, then all the laws of the world would be reversed or the whole universe would not be in accordance with the rules, which would lead to the destruction of the earth.

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If there are two prime ministers in a country, then there is a conflict between them and the way they fight destroys everything in that country. There are many practical examples in this regard which show that if there are two creators in a corner, then nothing will work in a certain way. For which the creator is one. And we can understand from all the above examples that the Creator is Allah Ta’ala and by this His Oneness is manifested.

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