Class 9 Assignment Answer

Class 9 Assignment Answer 2022 for 1st Week [Math & Bangla Solution]

Class 9 Assignment Answer 2022 For All Subject has been published on My website today. All schools and colleges are closed to protect students from corona virus infection. In this situation, the annual examination of secondary school will not be held. But everyone will be promoted in the next class. No marking or grading will be given. Everyone passes equally. In this context, a syllabus that can be completed within 30 days has been prepared. Students are being given assignments in the light of this syllabus. Students will be given these assignment answer in 6 weeks.

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education on Thursday released the third week assignment of students of class VI to IX. It has also been said that students cannot be assessed in any other way like examination or homework without this assignment.

Class 9 Assignment Answer

Class 9 Assignment Answer 2022 For All Subject

Today, we appeared in the question paper solution phase, with the Class 9 of Assignment with the question paper and the completed solution. To get the answers to the Assignment questions and to know all the other data properly, please see and read our post at the end. You can find the full details about Class 9 Assignment Full Answer 2022 here. You can also check out this similar Online Class Routine 2022 | Sangsad TV Live 6 to 10 Class Routine here.

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Class 9 Physic Assignment Answer 2022

We have proved the answer sheet of class 9 assignment for Physics subject in the following part. From which you can do the fifth week of your class 9 physics subject assignment by looking at and writing the completed one.

Accounting Assignment Answer 2022 Class 9

People say that in order to learn accounting in a good way, one has to study accounting science. In our country, many students study in the Department of Commerce, and in that department there are subjects of accounting. In this episode, we have solved the questions of 9th week assignment of class 9 accounting subject.

Class 9 Bangla Assignment Answer 2022

We know that Bengali is a very simple subject, not as easy as we think. It has also become very difficult for the students to answer the class 9 Bangla assignment this time. Our experienced teacher answered the assignment given for the first week in Class 9 Bangla.


Class 9 Bangla Assignment Answer 2022

Class 9 Math Assignment Answer 2022


Class 9 Math Assignment Answer 2022

এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর সবার আগে পেতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন (এখানে ক্লিক করে)

Class 9 English Assignment Answer 2022

Class 9 subject English assignment has already been sent for the fifth/ 5th week. The answer to that assignment is now very much needed by the students. So, keeping their words in mind, we have given the complete solution of class 9 English subject in the following part.

How to Assess Assignments for Secondary Students

  • Secondary students are required to submit three assignments per week
  • You have to go to school 1 day a week and take written submission and assignment
  • Assignments include explanatory questions, short questions and answers, creative questions
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The study of secondary students has started from last Sunday in the light of the short syllabus to cover the loss due to the holidays of the educational institutions in the Corona situation in the country. After the commencement of this lesson, the students are instructed to pass to the next class on the basis of weekly assignment (work). Instructions have been given to finish the lesson by December. The syllabus has been prepared for 30 working days from the students’ textbooks. In the light of this, the students will sit at home and submit the assignments to the teacher for evaluation.

Secondary Students have to give that assignment

Earlier on Saturday, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) published the syllabus according to the subject and class. It has a few (12) instructions for teachers. These are that the student has to give 3 assignments per week; The task of submitting the proposed assignment of the prescribed subject, evaluation, showing it to the student along with the comments of the examiner and then storing it in the institution should be completed by 31st December; Ensure the participation of each student in these activities; They will submit the assignment (work) written on white paper; Assignments include explanatory questions, short answer questions, creative questions, report preparation, etc .; The parent or his / her representative will collect and submit the assignment from the educational institution one day per week following the hygiene rules.

Class 9 Assignment New Revised Syllabus 2022

The syllabus of Assignment Class 9 / nine is well designed so that every student can complete it without any problems. The syllabus of class 9 assignment has different subjects. These subjects are Bengali literature, Bengali, Bengali language grammar, English for today, Mathematics and English grammar and composition.

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The Class 9 Assignment Syllabus covers Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Science, Essay, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Mathematics and Geography and Environment.

Detailed syllabus with assignments in each subject from 6th to 9th class is available on the website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE).

What a student in a week Will be evaluated

Homework and assignments are scheduled to keep the student involved in the study. Curriculum and assessment tools will be available for 6 weeks from the first week of November to December. Instructions are given in the short syllabus on what the student will be assessed in which week. Preparations for the second week should be taken after the assessment in the first week. Thus, the student assessment activities will end at the end of 6 weeks.

Procedures for giving or receiving assignments

In case of giving or receiving assignments, the heads of the institutions will determine the class-based programs and arrange for giving and receiving separately. In this case, with the help of online or maintaining social distance, the head of the institution or the guardian will give and receive the assignment to the students under his own management. The institution will not be able to take any other assessment activities (such as taking exams, giving homework, etc.) other than assignments.

In Conclusion:

In addition, through assessment of assignments, the teachers will identify the weaknesses of the students and take necessary steps to achieve the desired results in the next academic year by paying special attention to them. The heads of the institutions will make arrangements to save the assignments including the evaluation of the teachers. Students transferred due to the Covid-19 situation will be able to collect or submit assignments from the nearest educational institution. In that case the parent or student will take necessary action by contacting the headmaster of the nearest educational institution. All Regional Deputy Directors, District Education Officers, Upazila or Thana Secondary Education Officers will coordinate the implementation of this directive.

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