Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2021 [6th Week ICT Solution]

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2021 [6th Week ICT Solution] has been published on My website today. Assalamu Alaikum, dear students of class 9, brothers and sisters, everything you are looking for here is ready to be completed. We know you are here to see the answers to the Class 9 ICT assignment. That’s why we also answered the Class 9 ICT assignment very quickly. Which you can now view, download and write.

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2021

Class 9 student friends, are you looking for ICT assignment questions? We have already provided the PDF and pictures of the ICT 6th week assignment questions. We know that just asking questions will not end your work. Because you will have only 1 week to do the 6th week assignment of that ICT subject. So in the meantime you have to submit the assignment to the school. But where to find the answer to the ICT assignment in such a short time? No worries, because we will give Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer (for 6th week).

Some information about ICT

What is ICT? In order to gain an idea or knowledge about something, the presentation of various data related to it in logical terms is defined as information in scientific language. And the process of collecting, consolidating, storing, processing and exchanging all information through computer and telecommunication systems is called information technology.

Communication technology, on the other hand, is the technology associated with the exchange of information between a computer or an electronic device. Overall, the technology used to generate, store, process and transmit any type of information is called ICT or information communication technology.

ICT Assignment For Class 9

Information technology and communication are interrelated. According to the information and communication technology policy of Bangladesh, information and communication or ICT is-. “Technology used to generate, store, process, transmit and disseminate any type of information.” At present, the Right to Information Act has been enacted based on this information technology. The ICT subject has been included in class 9 from the last 2017 academic year. This is because of the initiative to teach and advance students in modern IT technology. The sixth week of the ninth grade information and communication technology assignment has been published on 6 June 2021. You can download the assignment questions from the official website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education.

class 9 ict Assignment

6th Week Class Nine ICT Assignment Answer

Our team has started to answer the assignment questions of ICT subject of 6th class 9th. Those who have started their work with the publication of the assignment on the subject. As you know, ICT is not an easy subject like other subjects. So naturally it took us a while to answer the ICT assignment question of class 9. But the good news is that we can do it. See below for the Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer, which is for the 6th week.

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 6th Week

Class 9 Assignment Answer 6th Week

Elements of information technology

ICT is the process of generating, storing and processing information through something called ICT.

The Elements of IT
The basics currently used in information technology are:
1. Computers and other devices
2. Computing
3. Radio, television, fax
4. Audio Video
5. Satellite
6. Computer Network (Internet)
6. Modern Telecommunication
9. Modem etc

৯ম শ্রেণি ৬ষ্ঠ সপ্তাহের আইসিটি বিষয়ের এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্নের উত্তর ২০২১

১। ‘বর্তমানে কোভিড-১৯ উদ্ভূত পরিস্থিতিতে শিক্ষা কার্যক্রম চলমান রাখায় ই-লার্নিং এর ভূমিকা’ বিষয়ক ২৫০ শব্দের মধ্যে একটি প্রতিবেদন তৈরি কর।

Some instructions for writing ICT assignments

In making the report


1. Introductory part: Original title, recipient’s name, address
2. main parts: Introduction to the topic, main report

A. Presenting how normal educational activities were disrupted in the situation arising out of Kovid-19
B. A description of how we can continue our education through various online mediums in this changing situation.

C. Describe your organization’s involvement with e-learning.
D. Benefits of students due to e-learning. Conclusions and recommendations.

3. Appendix: Information instructions, bibliography, committee list and related matters.

How to assess the answer to the 6th week ICT assignment question

A. Very good:

1) Accuracy and consistency of content.
2) The information, theories, and formulas in the text are consistent with the textbook.
(3) Significant individuality or creativity in writing.

B. Better:

(1) Accuracy and consistency of content.
(2) The information, text, and formulas in the text are consistent with the textbook.
(3) There is individuality or creativity in the writing but it is not noticeable.

C. Good:

(1) Lack of consistency despite the accuracy of the content.
(2) The information, theories, formulas and explanations in the text are partially correct.
(3) A little individuality and creativity in writing.

‘D. Progress required:

(1) Lack of accuracy and consistency of content.
(2) The information, content, formulas and explanations in the text are not consistent with the textbook.
(3) Lack of individuality or creativity in writing.

Final words:

After a lot of time and effort we are able to give Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer. I hope you have benefited a lot. Then thank you all for being by our side.

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