Differentiating CVs and resumes

SSC English Assignment Differentiating CVs and resumes 10th Week ans

SSC English Assignment Details at a Glance

Assignment No. 3
Assignment Subject Name: English 2nd Paper
Assignment: Differentiating CVs and resumes
Learning Outcomes: Learners will be able to write CVs and resumes.

Differentiating CVs and resumes

Class 10 English Assignment Instructions/ Directions

Learners will – 1. collect at least two different types of CVs and a Resume from different sources, such as the Internet/books/ teachers/family members etc.
2. prepare a poster with at least two types of CV and a resume
3. identify their differences. Learners will use normal white paper to present models of CVs and Resume and to answer questions number 2 and 3.

What is a CV?
What to Include in a CV:


What is a Resume?
What to Include on a Resume


SSC English Assignment Scoring criteria/ rubrics

The teacher will assess students work using the following lenses/marking criterion. Then she/he will aggregate the individual marks on each category for students achievement/score on this assignment.

Collecting model

3 = Learner presents 2 different models of CV and a resume
2 = learner presents a model of resume and same modeis of CV.
1 = Learner presents either a model of CV or a resume.

Identifying differences

3= Leaner identifies differences between a CV and a resume and between two different CV models
2= Learner identifies either between a CV and a resume or between two different CV models
1= Learner tries to identify the differences but ideas are very limited

Spelling and punctuation

4 = only one or two mistakes in total
3 = mistakes in less than a third of the sentences
2 = mistakes in more than half the sentences
1= mistakes in more than two thirds of the sentences
0= mistake in almost all sentences

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Scores for Assignment-3 (out of 10)

Out of 100 Out of 10  Rating
80% and above 08 and above Excellent
70-79% 07 Very good
50-69% 05-06 Good
Below 50 Below 05 Needs improvement