How Is It Possible That Glaciers Exist At The Equator?

Glaciers exist at the equator because the Earth’s gravitational force is stronger there than at other places on the planet.

Is Mount Everest a glacier?


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Mount Everest is not a glacier. Glaciers are large, continuous sheets of ice that flow down mountains and across valleys. Mount Everest is a mountain, not a glacier.

What is the equator for kids?

The equator is the point on Earth’s surface that is closest to the sun.

How do warm based glaciers move?

The movement of a glacier is determined by the balance of ice and snow. The ice melts and creates a flow of water. The flow of water creates a current that moves the glacier.

What is a tropical glacier?

A tropical glacier is a glacier that is located in a tropical climate.

Is the equator hot or cold?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, including latitude and altitude. Generally speaking, the equator is considered to be relatively cold, however, there are exceptions, such as the African continent, which is located on the equator.

What are glaciers near the equator called?

Gleissberg and Mauna Loa are two of the world’s most glaciated mountains.

How did glacial deposits provide evidence that Pangaea had existed?

Aglacial deposits provide evidence that Pangaea had existed. These deposits are made up of ice and soil that has been preserved in the form of glaciers. These glaciers have made it possible to study the history of the area and its relationship to other continents.

How do glaciers form?

Glaciers form when snow falls from the sky and accumulates on the ground. The weight of the snow causes ice to form and break down. This ice is divided into smaller and bigger pieces, and these smaller pieces fall to the ground.

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Are there any glaciers in the tropics?

There are glaciers in the tropics, but they are typically smaller and less well known than in the Alps or The Alps.

What country has the most ice?

Ice cream is a popular food in many countries, but the most ice is found in Antarctica.

What does evidence of glaciers tell us about Pangea?

Evidence of glaciers tells us that Pangea was a very cold and dry planet. Glaciers are typically composed of ice and snow, and they can be up to 100 feet thick.

Can glaciers exist on the equator?

Yes, glaciers can exist on the equator. Glaciers form on the equator because the Earth’s atmosphere traps snow and ice near the poles.

Where do you find warm based glaciers?

There are many places where warm based glaciers can be found. Some of the more common places are in Alaska, Canada, the Alps, Scandinavia, and the Alps of Italy.

What is glacier evidence?

Gleaming and frozen mountains are common signs of glaciers.

Which continents have glacial evidence near the equator today?

Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania have all had ice ages in the past.

Where are glaciers found today what percentage of Earth’s land surface do they cover?

The glaciers that are found on Earth today account for around 20% of the Earth’s land surface.

Which is one place that glaciers are found quizlet?

One place that glaciers are found quizlet is in the Alps.

How many years ago did the last ice age end?

The last ice age ended around 12,000 years ago.

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How old is the average glacier?

The average glacier is around 4,000 years old.

What is on the equator?

The equator is the long, thin strip of land that circles the Earth on its north and south poles. It’s the place where the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature are the same.

Is the equator the hottest place on Earth?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no scientific evidence to support one side or the other. Some experts believe that the equator is the coolest place on Earth because it is located so close to the Earth’s surface and experiences very little weather. Others believe that the poles are the coolest places on Earth because they are located at the extremes of the Earth’s temperature spectrum and experience the most extreme weather. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which side they believe the equator is on.

Which country has no glaciers?

The country with no glaciers is Antarctica.

What is the most significant find found in a glacier?

The most significant find in a glacier is the discovery of a new glacier.

What is the weather like where glaciers are found?

The weather on the continent of Antarctica is very cold and snowy.

How are glaciers formed answers?

There is no one answer to this question as glaciers are formed from a variety of things, including snow and ice. Some of the more common things that contribute to glacier formation include rain, snow, and ice that falls from the sky.

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Why is a glacier blue?

A glacier is blue because the ice is thin and there is a lot of water in it.

What are the two types of glaciers and how are they different from each other?

The two types of glaciers are the fast and the slow glaciers. The fast glaciers are the ones that move quickly, and the slow glaciers are the ones that move slowly but steadily.

Why are there glaciers in the tropics?

There are a few reasons why glaciers are found in the tropics. First, the Earth is much hotter than the surrounding atmosphere. This means that the Earth’s surface is much hotter than the surrounding atmosphere, and as a result, glaciers form. Second, the Earth’s atmosphere is much thinner than the surrounding atmosphere, so cold air can travel much further than it would in the colder atmosphere of the Arctic or Antarctic. This means that glaciers can form much closer to the Earth’s surface, and as a result, they can be much larger than in the colder areas of the world. Finally, the Earth’s surface is constantly moving, and as a result, glaciers can move and recede over time.

Can glaciers be found in warm climates?

Yes, glaciers can be found in warm climates. Glaciers are a type of ice that grows and falls from the Earth’s surface. They can be found in many different climates, but they are most common in areas that are very warm and sunny.

Where can glaciers be found today?

Glaciers are found all over the world, but the most well-known glaciers are in the Himalayas and the Alps.

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