HSC 12th Week Assignment 2022

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Dear HSC student friends, how are you? I hope that by the grace of God, everyone is well and healthy. I brought before you today the assignment of HSC 12th week. As you know, the 12th week of HSC Assignment has been published today, 15th February, 2022. Where I will share, the assignment questions and answers of the 12th week of the said HSC 2022. To get that you have to read the registration carefully till the end.

HSC 12th Week Assignment 2022

HSC 12th Week Assignment 2022

According to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, HSC 12th week assignment. The 11th week assignment ended on 14th February, 2022, with a total of 8 assignments. The HSC assignment for the 12th week was published at the end of the 11th week. A total of 3 groups have given HSC assignments for the 12th week in group based subjects as well as a compulsory subject.

HSC 2022 12th Week Assignment Question & Answer 2022

12th week HSC Assignment 2022 has been given on 6 subjects in total. From the science group there is chemistry, from the humanities group there is history, history and culture of Islam and Islamic education. Also HSC 12th week assignment on business organization and management from trade group has been given. I know that after the assignment is published, all the students look for the assignment question, because their next activity starts only when they get the question. But with the question, the answer is needed.

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HSC Bangla 12th Week Assignment 2022

Assignment work of 12th week has been given from HSC Bangla first paper. Where for the 5th time the assignment has been given from the subject of the said Bangla 1st paper. This time the assignment has been given from the fifth chapter of HSC Bangla subject in the 12th week. In other words, in the 12th week, HSC 2022 has given a total of 1 question about Bangla, from the novel ‘Lalsalu’.

HSC Bangla 12th Week Assignment

উত্তর ➤ HSC Bangla Assignment Answer 2022

HSC 2022 Chemistry 12th Week Assignment

Chemistry, which is a must for HSC level science group students. There are a total of 2 separate letters on this subject. Assignment of 12th week has been given from the first letter i.e. Chemistry 1st letter. A total of 4 questions have been formulated from the second chapter of the subject. The answers to these questions, the students have to follow some aspects.

HSC Chemistry 12th Week Assignment

উত্তর ➤ HSC Chemistry Assignment Answer 2022

HSC History 12th Week Assignment 2022

History This is a humanities student subject but not necessarily, meaning you can take other subjects besides this one. Assignments on HSC History have been assigned from the third chapter of the 12th week assignment. Students have already received 12th week HSC assignment questions in this subject.

History 12th Week Assignment

উত্তর ➤ HSC History Assignment Answer 2022

HSC Business organization and management 12th Week Assignment 2022

Business organization and management is a matter for the business group, although other groups have more than one issue, the business does not have it. If you are looking for a 12th week HSC assignment on the subject of Business Organization and Management 1st Paper, check out the section below.

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Business organization and management

HSC Islamic History and Culture 12th Week Assignment

The history and culture of Islam and the teachings of Islam are taken by the students especially in the humanities. Earlier, the assignment activities of the two subjects have been completed twice. The first time it was given in 8th week and the second time it was given in 9th week, this time it was given in 12th week.

Islamic History and Culture


এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর সবার আগে পেতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন (এখানে ক্লিক করে)


One by one, the questions and answers of HSC 12th Week Assignment in total 8 topics are given in the above section. From here, students of Humanities, Science and Commerce groups will get HSC assignments in all subjects of 12th week at the same time. Then a lot of everyone, thank you for visiting this site, Allah Hafez.