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IER UPC Viva Exam Result 2022 | Education and Research Result

IER Exam Result 2022 has been published on My website today. Dhaka University (abbreviated DU) is an autonomous government university in Bangladesh located at Shahbagh, Dhaka. Which is known as a multidisciplinary research university. It was founded in 1921 following the Ox-bridge education system in British India. The Institute of Education and Research is a very popular and large faculty of Dhaka University.

Where manpower is employed for various positions every year. All the appointments for the exam are completed, and the results of all the exams are published on the official website of Dhaka University Keep an eye on the section below to get the results of the recruitment test of the Institute of Education and Research, and to know the details. You can find the full details about IER UPC MCQ Exam Result 2021 | Education and Research Result here. You can also check out this similar IER UPC Question Solution here.

IER Result

IER Exam Result 2022

The recruitment test of DU’s Education and Research Institute was held on January 3, 2020 at 3 pm. A total of 70 centers were held simultaneously, which lasted for 1 hour and ended at 4 pm. In the written examination conducted in the MCQ system of the preliminary selection, a total of 1, 23 thousand 7 hundred and 12 candidates took part in the examination. With an average of 412 candidates running for each position. The calculation shows how many unemployed students are on the job front. And at the same time, one book expects to wait for the results of that test at the end of the exam.

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Post Name:

  1. Upazila/Urban Program Coordinator (UPC)

Total Job Vacancy: 300

Viva and Computer Skill Test Date: 16th to 25th January, 2020

Official Website:

Viva voce and Computer skill test exam result will publish soon here, wait & Stay with us. Best of luck for all attended!

শিক্ষা ও গবেষণা ইনস্টিটিউটের নিয়োগ ভাইভা পরীক্ষার ফলাফল দ্রুত জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন ।
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Education and Research (IER) Exam Result 2022

Among the various institutes of Dhaka University, the Institute of Education and Research is the oldest and oldest. In short it is known as IER or Institute of Education and Research. It was founded in November 1959 in collaboration with the United States International Development Agency (USAID). The organization is also the largest in terms of teacher-student numbers. The Institute of Education and Research (IER) of Dhaka University is currently the top institution of Bangladesh as an institution engaged in conducting undergraduate (honors), postgraduate and higher degree programs in education, expansion of education and research activities. The role of this institute is crucial in the creation of specialist and human resources and conducting important research related to education.

Some Information About IER (DU):

An international quality research paper called ‘Teacher’s World’ is published twice a year at the Institute for Education and Research, so that basic research articles on English language education can be found. There are currently 53 teachers. There are also 1 Professor Emeritus, 2 Honorary Professor and 2 part-time teachers. Currently, around 1400 students are studying in this institute for various activities.

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Total students:

  • Honors – 610 people
  • Masters – 144 people
  • Masters (Evening) – 650 people

Co-education Activities: Football, Cricket, Cultural Activities, Laboratory Facilities, Library Facilities, Multimedia and Air Conditioned Classrooms, Teacher Lounge, Student Room, Superior Canteen, Photocopying Facility

IER Recruitment Test Result 2022

This is the kind of experiment in our lives, where we are constantly faced with various tests. At the end of participating in all the tests, we each have high hopes for the results. When, when will the results be released, how will it be? What can I do to get the desired result? Thousands of such questions arise in the mind. Today, we will discuss about when the results of the recruitment examination of the Dabhi Education and Research Institute can be published.

Responding to the question of when the results would be published, Prof Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman, Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, told us that in contrast to the total 300 posts, only a small number of candidates participated in the recruitment test, preparation of the results may be delayed for some time. However, OMR sheets are being verified by computer using modern methods and techniques, so it is expected that I will be able to publish the results very quickly and at the same time, the oral examination of the final phase will be completed shortly. final exam result

In the beginning it was recognized as the Oxford of the East in the context of being strictly regulated by various eminent practitioners and scientists. One of the specialties of Dhaka University was its special contribution to the liberation of Bangladesh. Where the government of the country established the university, Dhaka University made a special contribution to establish Bangladesh.

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Dhaka University teachers received the highest number of Bangladesh Science Academy medals. In addition, it is ranked as the only university in Bangladesh in the top 100 universities on behalf of Asia Week. It ranks 64th among the top 100 universities in Asia. There are about 38,000 students and 1,805 teachers Education Activities The Education and Research Institute exists in a total of 4 different educational activities.

IER Jobs Viva voce and Computer skill test Result 2022

We are always hopeful that everything we do will be able to meet the needs of its people. As such, we hope that all of you can see the IER Exam Result 2020 results through this post, and find out a lot of information on this topic. The recruitment test of the University of Dhaka Education and Research Institute was completed through two steps. Through written and oral tests, these two tests are conducted separately and the results are also published separately. Keep an eye out for this post in our post to get self test results at all stages.