Is The Picardy Spaniel A Kennel Club Recognised Breed?

No, the Picardy Spaniel is not a Kennel Club recognised breed.

How do you say Picardy in French?

Picardy is the name of a region in France.

What food is Picardy known for?

Picardy is known for its seafood, including shellfish, lobster, and crab.

When was Picardy founded?

Picardy was founded on October 1, 948.

What is a blue roan cocker spaniel?

A blue roan cocker spaniel is a dog that is typically a spaniel-type dog, but can also be a Welsh Corgi or a jack russell.

In which country is Picardy?


Do Blue Picardy Spaniels shed?

No, Blue Picardy Spaniels do not shed.

What does Amiens mean in English?

Amiens is a city in the Somme department in northern France. It is the capital of the Amiens-Courcelle region.

What is Amiens famous for?

Amiens is famous for its cathedral, the Abbey of Amiens, and for the Amiens cheese.

What is the meaning of Picardy?

Picardy is a French province located in the northeast of the country. It is bordered by the departments of the Somme, Aisne, and Val-de-Marne to the north, the departments of the Aube, Seine, and Marne to the east, and the department of the Loire to the south. The province has a population of over 20 million people.

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What is the capital of Picardy?

The capital of Picardy is Amiens.

How much do Picardy Spaniels cost?

How much do Picardy Spaniels cost?

How big are Picardy Spaniel?

The Picardy Spaniel is a small dog that is about the size of a pointer.