Jessore Board SSC Result

Jessore Board SSC Result 2020

Jessore Board SSC Result 2020 has been published on My website today. Jessore Board is an attractive education board in Bangladesh. The board started their journey at the year of 1963. Dr. Abdul Hoque was the founding chair of the Jessore Board. Every year lots of students participated in SSC examination. This year 2019, the SSC examination started on 2nd February throughout Bangladesh. If you are an SSC examinee of the board, the article will help you to get Jessore Board SSC Result.

The Ministry of Education controls the Jessore Education Board. At the day of SSC result, every student waits eagerly for their achievement. Here, we will tell the methods of searching SSC Result Jessore Education Board. Let’s start how to check the SSC result.

Jessore Board SSC Result

How to check Jessore Board SSC Result?

There are 3 ways to get the result of SSC examination of Jessore board. Note down the methods apply one by one. There 3 ways to check Jessore Board SSC Result are:

  1. Check result from Education board website
  2. Send SMS to 16222
  3. Get result from Jessore board official website

Let’s discuss the ways to find your result.

যশোর বোর্ডের এস.এস.সি পরীক্ষার ফলাফল দ্রুত জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন ।
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Check result from Education board website is the official link of the Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards Bangladesh. The Ministry of Bangladesh operates it. The process of getting the result from here is very simple. Let’s know how:

  • Enter the link with the browser
  • Select SSC from the examination option
  • Put your Board name Jessore from the List of 11 boards
  • Set the year that you attend for SSC exam. For example, 2019
  • Enter your registration and roll number in the correct format.
  • Now, complete the verification and press on submit button.
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In the next screen, your result will show in front of you.  Each time you can find out a result and mark sheet. Refresh the page for another result.

Get result from Jessore board official website is the official website of the Jessore Education Board. All activities and public examination are controlled from here. Also, the result of SSC examination published on the site. How to check from here?

Enter the website of Jessore education board. Now, go to the result menu. Here you will see SSC corner and click on it. Then, the result sheet will come to your device screen. Find your result by roll number. Jessore Board JSC Result

Send SMS to 16222

SSC result is now checked by mobile. Most of the parents have a smart phone. The SMS method will help to get the result if the 1st and 2nd process not worked due to over visitor.  Open the message box and go to write message option. Now, copy the code and paste it. SSC<space>JES<space>Your SSC Roll number<space>2019. Don’t forget to change the roll number. Then send it to 16222.

A reply message will come after a few minutes. Open the message and see your SSC result of Jessore board.

Tips of SSC examination

Sleep correctly

It is impossible to concentrate, to retain more memory, without a night of good and restful sleep. Never study until dawn, as it can lead to many memories being diffuse.

Divide and win

No one can understand large amounts of data, formulas or dates, without dividing each part into daily hours. We must quantify the study, look for common patterns and concentrate on the essentials.

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The sounds of silence

Many people consider it impossible to study without a minimum of silence since they are distracted by the noise of others. It is common in university libraries to find rows and rows of boys with earplugs.

Disconnect every little

No one can study more than an hour without losing concentration. You should cut every so often, going out for a little walk to get back on track, with a much clearer mind.

Use colors in the text

The old trick that everyone learned in EGB or ESO: separate the most important data into small sections to avoid overwhelm and cope with memorization. Perhaps 500 words about Napoleon may seem heavy; not so much 10 underlined with the most important data.

Focus on a topic

It is important to concentrate the information about a subject and avoid mixing subjects. Or mix those that are common. Maybe History and Mathematics are not compatible, but History of Art and History does.

Test yourself

Another classic of childhood, very typical of nerds, but which undoubtedly served as a sharp scale: perform a prior examination. It serves as proof of concentration and demonstration that we have learned everything.

Group work

Coordination if ordered can be a real balm for the study: they all complement the shortcomings of others and prevent you from falling into error. Or something worse than the error: the dispersion.


Never leave the exam for the day before: a division of days is the most sensible. Preparing something a month before is the best concentration.

The SSC exam is not the end

We should never see any exam as the only future. It is another element of our life. Thinking only about him will lead us to get nervous and thus make all these tips do nothing.

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The fundamental thing when it comes to maintaining a good rest in the study period is to try to alter as little as possible the habits of life. Therefore, the organization of the day should be as efficient as possible, concentrating the study sections in the daylight hours and avoiding the nights.

Although some prefer to study at night, it is always advisable to pay attention to the body and sleep at night.

Energy drinks, whether hot or cold, with or without sugar, is very helpful when the hours are flying and the materials to study seem to increase. Although they are not entirely inadvisable, it is important to control the amount consumed, and especially the time they are consumed. Often, a good nap is more revitalizing than a coffee.

Take short 30-minute naps. It is complicated to square the time when the knowledge to be acquired is piled up on books on the table. However, it has been proven that it is more efficient to carry out the study in several sessions than to try to learn everything from a single sitting. A good way to fill in the time between sessions is to take a short nap.

The 30-minute rest improves memorization and is in fashion. In the Anglo-Saxon world, they are called power naps, and many companies put them into practice with their employees to optimize productivity.


I hope you understand the methods of checking Jessore Board SSC Result. If you failed to get your result, ask your problems in the comment section. We will answer as soon as possible.

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