JSC Math MCQ & Written Question Solution

JSC Math MCQ & Written Question Solution 2019 | All Board Solves

JSC Math MCQ & Written Question Solution 2019 | All Board Solves has been published on My website bdjobstoday.info today. Today we are back again to solve the JSC and JDC Examination General Mathematics Question Paper. The said test was conducted on November 9, 2019 at 10 am and ended at 3 pm. See the complete solution to all the common math questions below. You can find the full details about JSC Math MCQ & Written Question Solution 2019 | All Board Solves here. You can also check out this similar JSC Bangladesh & Global Studies MCQ Question Solution 2019 here.

JSC Math MCQ & Written Question Solution

JSC Mathematics Question Solution 2019

As we all know, mathematics is one of the hardest things in general. For whom almost all the students are less, more afraid and think about the test of this subject, there is no end to the feeling. How would that be a math test? Exam question method? Can I pass? There are thousands of questions in the head. We are saying that there is nothing to worry about. Mathematics is just as difficult, so easy to read is as easy as tick.

JSC Sadharon Gonit, Ongho Prosner Somadhan, Uttor 2019

The Name of Examination: Junior School Certificate (JSC) And Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC)

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Exam Type: Written & Mcq

Solution Type: JSC Board Question

Subject Name: Mathematics

Date of Exam: 14th November, 2019

Exam Start Time: 10:00 am

Official Website: www.educationboard.gov.bd

Dhaka Board Solution:

১. গ
২. খ
৩. ক
৪. খ
৫. গ
৬. ঘ
৭. গ
৮. খ
৯. খ
১০. ঘ
১১. খ
১২. ঘ
১৩. খ
১৪. ক
১৫. গ
১৬. গ
১৭. ক
১৮. ক
১৯. ঘ
২০. খ
২১. গ
২৪. ঘ
২৫. খ
২৬. গ
২৭. ক
২৮. গ
২৯. ক
৩০. ক

Mymensing Board Solution:

১. ক
২. গ
৩. খ
৪. ঘ
৫. গ
৬. ক
৭. ঘ
৮. গ
৯. ঘ
১০. গ
১১. ক
১২. গ
১৩. ক
১৪. খ
১৫. ক
১৬. গ
১৭. ক
১৮. খ
১৯. ক
২০. ঘ
২১. গ
২২. ঘ
২৩. ঘ
২৪. খ
২৫. খ
২৬. ঘ
২৭. গ
২৮. ক
২৯. খ
৩০. ঘ

Sylhet Board Solution:

১। (ঘ) ৪৯
২। (খ) ১৫
৩। (ক) লাভ ৫০%
৪। (খ) ৪ বছর
৫। (ক) i ও ii
৬। (খ) ১২ এয়র
৭। (খ) ৩৭৫ ব. মি.
৮। (গ) ৪
৯। (ঘ) ১২.৯০ বর্গ সেন্টিমিটার
১০। (গ) 31
১১। (গ) (2y+5) (y-2)
১২। (ক) 20
১৩। (খ) 2
১৪। (ক) i ও ii
১৫। (খ) x-2
১৬। (খ) (2,3)
১৭। (খ) ২য়
১৮। (গ) (1,2)
১৯। (গ) { }
২০। (ঘ) { a,p,r,s }
২১। (ঘ) i, ii ও iii
২৩। (খ) 6.28 সে.মি.
২৪। (ক) 108 বর্গ সে.মি.
২৫। (ক) 12 বর্গ একক
২৬। (ঘ) 36 বর্গ একক
২৭। (গ) ২০
২৮। (খ) ৬
২৯। (গ) 115°
৩০। (ঘ) 8

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ctg math solution

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JSC Math Exam Question Patten & Marks Distribution 2019

How will the JSC and JDC test general mathematics question paper look like? How many marks will be tested? What is the mark? How much is the MCQ mark? We will discuss these issues in detail in this episode. Let’s start. First let me say that JSC and JDC tests are conducted in general mathematics subjects with a total of 100 marks. These 100 numbers are divided into 2 parts, that is, the question paper in 2 parts, namely “A” and “B”. Question papers were prepared from the part of foot mathematics, seed mathematics, trigonometry and geometry. The time for the exam is 3 hours.

Path: Question Type: Marks:
A Creative (Written) 70
B Multiple Choice (MCQ) 30
Total: 2 Path: 2 Type of Question: 100 Marks:

A Path: JSC Math Written Question Solution 2019

The JSC and JDC exam is the “A” part of the general math subject, ie the written part. To answer this part of the total number 70 is to answer 7 questions, each of which values ​​10. However, a question is divided into 3 parts, the first part being “A” is number 1. The second part is number two for “B”. The third part is “c” which will be answered by number 3, in the last part “B” is the question of number 4, these 4 parts are 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 numbers in total. Note that there will be a total of 10 questions as opposed to answering 3 questions and the time for him will be 3 hours 30 minutes. Here you will find answers to all the questions written in the “A” section of the JSC and JDC general math exams.

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B Path: JSC Math MCQ Question Solution 2019

There is a total number of 4 allotted for JSC and JDC exams in the “B” part of general mathematics. Each value is 1 and the time allotted is 1 total 30 minutes. In all the tests that MCQ will do well in the test, his results are very good, because it is easy to get the numbers, rather than the written part. The MCQ part has been resolved in this episode.

Board Wise JSC Math MCQ Question Solution 2019

Here you will find answers to the common mathematics problem of JSC and JDC Examination of all education boards of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong, Mymensing, Comilla, Jessore, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Barisal, Rajshahi, and Madrasah.

JSC Math MCQ Question With Answer, Solve 2019

Finally we have finished the JSC and JDC Examination General Mathematics Written and MCQ Quiz, hope you all have already seen the solution of your required board in the midst of caution and have benefited you greatly. I wish you all a happy ending here today. I sincerely thank you for being with me.