Movement pass apply

পুলিশ মুভমেন্ট পাস আবেদন ফরম app [লকডাউনে বাইরে যাবার অনুমতি পত্র]

From Wednesday (April 14) to get out of the strict lockdown will need a ‘movement pass’. You have to apply for this pass online. About 1 lakh 25 thousand applications were submitted in the first hour of the app launch on Tuesday. About 15,000 applications are being submitted per minute.

And this is why the server of the Movement Pass website ( is showing down. Sometimes it is normal but the application process is taking a long time. The applicants are facing this problem from 7:30 pm on Tuesday (April 13).

Movement pass apply

What is Movement Pass

The movement pass of the police is the permission letter applied from the police and the concerned department to get out in case of emergency lockdown.

Information required for movement pass

You have to give your name, gender, age, reason of travel, date and time of using the pass, expiry date and time of pass, national identity card, information of your own vehicle and photo.

This pass holder will be able to move freely on the road. However, not everyone is getting this pass. This pass will be given only to those concerned with emergency services. Only those who get the pass can work using it.

Who can Apply for Movement Pass

According to the police headquarters, the police will give ‘Movement Pass’ in 14 categories for moving out of the house in case of emergency. This pass holder will be able to move smoothly on the road. However, this pass will not be given to everyone. This pass will be given only in case of emergency services.

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Reasons to get movement pass

Vaccination, grocery store shopping, raw market, pharmaceuticals, medicine, jobs, agriculture, transportation and supply of goods, relief distribution, cremation, business and other categories.

How to apply for a movement pass

You have to enter this link (Movement Pass) and apply for Movement Pass. You have to enter the mobile number by clicking Movement Pass. Then a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the customer’s mobile. Once the OTP is entered, the application process for the pass will begin.

How to register for movement pass

  • To apply for a Movement Pass, you must first access the Police Movement Pass website –
  • Click on the Apply for Movement Pass button.
  • In the first step you have to give the mobile number and verify it with OTP.
  • Necessary information such as – from which police station area to which police station area to go, to which police station area to go, name of applicant, gender, age, reason of travel, date and time of use of pass, date and time of passing, identity card, photo etc. Please provide.
  • Then click on the submit button.

Those who do not need a ‘movement pass’

Lockdown is going on all over the country due to corona infection. Strict restrictions have been imposed on work and movement. However, work is going on in banks, factories and hospitals. Emergency services are also open. Misunderstandings are also happening about who can get out and who can’t. Police have taken action against many who have fallen into emergency services. In this context, the police headquarters has informed who are the persons and institutions which are exempt from the restrictions. Movement passes are not required for their movement. You can come and go to work only by showing your identity card.

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Those who are exempt from ongoing lockdown restrictions:

  1. Doctor
  2. Nurse
  3. Medical staff
  4. Individuals / staff involved in covid vaccination / treatment
  5. Banker
  6. Other staff of the bank
  7. Journalist
  8. Media cameraman
  9. Telephone / internet service worker
  10. Private security guards
  11. Officers / employees involved in emergency services
  12. Office-going government officials
  13. Workers / officers involved in the manufacture of factories / garments
  14. Member of the law enforcement force
  15. Fire service
  16. Postal service
  17. Individuals / officials involved in electricity, water, gas and fuel
  18. Port-concerned person / officer

The police personnel who will be on duty at the check post have been requested to brief the concerned police officers on an urgent basis. Today is the opening day of the ’emergency office’, so there will be a lot of traffic.

Police Movement Pass Bangladesh (Apply)

Final words:

Police movement passes will be issued for a few special reasons in the upcoming lockdown. Without these reasons and if he comes out unnecessarily, he will have to face police interrogation. This information was given by Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed while inaugurating the Movement Pass app at Rajarbagh Police Lines Auditorium on Tuesday (April 13) morning.

“Using this pass, citizens can move from one place to another,” he said. However, the pass can be taken only once with one mobile number and car number.