NTRCA 3rd Public Notice 2022: NTRCA Gono Biggopti [৩য় গনবিজ্ঞপ্তি -২০২২]

NTRCA 3rd Public Notice 2022: NTRCA Gono Biggopti has been published on My website bdjobstoday.info today. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Today I am going to share with you the 3rd public announcement of NTRCA. For which many candidates have been waiting for a long time. Which finally came to an end. So let’s find out, about NTRCA 3rd mass notification, what are the posts, how many vacancies are there, when did the application start? See at the bottom of the post to know all about the application rules, free payment rules, last time of application.

NTRCA 3rd Public Notice

NTRCA Gono Biggopti 2022

Job seekers who have passed the registration have been demanding a quick public notice from the private teacher registration authority. Although a public notice was scheduled for early March, it has not yet been issued due to the Corona crisis.

It is learned that the Private Teacher Registration Authority (NTRC) has already taken the list of vacancies from the educational institutions. The e-requisition process is also over. There are about 56,000 vacancies in MPO registered schools and colleges across the country.

NTRCA Update News today 2022

Former chairman of NTRC. While Ashfaq Hossain was there, he prepared a list of vacancies with several circulars and hoped to issue a public notice in mid-March, but Ashfaq Hossain’s term expired and the new chairman was delayed and the 3rd public notice was stuck in a High Court directive to 13th registrants. At present, honest and efficient Akram Sir, the activities of AntiRCA are moving forward at a fast pace. It is the wish of millions of certificate holders that a public notice be issued this month.

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Many registrants expressed outrage and said, “We want a quick public notice.” Despite being meritorious, the certificate holders are not able to enter the job as they have not published the public notice. Millions of certificate holders are living in hardship with the burden of unemployment on their heads. As the maximum age of teacher registration is 35 years at present, the age of employment of many registrants is increasing as the days go by. So they demanded to publish the public notice as soon as possible.

বেসরকারি শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন ও প্রত্যয়ন কর্তৃপক্ষ (এনটিআরসিএ) জেলা ভিত্তিক শূন্য পদের তালিকা [স্কুল, কলেজ ও মাদ্রাসা জন্য] নিচের লিংকে দেখুনঃ

NTRCA District Wise Vacancy List 2022 | ntrca.teletalk.com.bd

NTRCA 3rd Public Notice Published

The e-Application is being invited from the registered candidates who are interested in becoming lakhs of teachers to fill the following vacancies at the entrance level of private educational institutions (schools, colleges, madrasas, technical and business management) across the country.

NTRCA 3rd Public Notice

Full Circular PDF

NTRCA Gono Biggopti School and College Vacancies List

School and College: 31101 -[MPO: 26838, Non–MPO: 4263]
Madrasah, Technical, and Business Management: 20996 [MPO: 19154, Non-MPO: 1842]
Reserve: 2207 (MPO)
Total Vacancy: 15163

MPO: 12807

Non-MPO: 2356

NTRCA GONO Biggopti 2022 Published Date

After almost two years, the recruitment of teachers in private educational institutions is going to start. This time around 40,000 registered candidates will be recruited at different levels across the country. A public notice was released today, March 30, confirmed by the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) sources.

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According to the relevant sources, there is a crisis of about 40,000 teachers in private educational institutions across the country. It has not been possible to appoint teachers in the last two years due to various complications including cases. Due to this, teaching activities in different schools, colleges, madrasas and technical educational institutions of the country are being severely disrupted.

How to Apply NTRCA Gono Biggopti 2021 At Online

In that title I will let you know how to apply online in NTRCA 3rd Public Notice. In the following part, it is presented in its completed form.

  • Firstly you have To go ngi.teletalk.com.bd/ntrca/app/
  • Then Click “Recruitment” button.
  • Follow the next step to apply online.
  • Complete Your Payment after the application.
  • Choice your school, College o Ebtedayee Madrasah.

How to payment on NTRCA 3rd Public Notice

Enter the link http://ngi.teletalk.com.bd/ntrca/app/ and pay the required amount and pay a fee of BDT. 100 Tk.

  1. Date and time of commencement of filling e-application and submission of fee: 04 April 2021 at 10 am.
  2. Last date and time for submission of e-application: 30 April 2021 at night
    Candidates who have received e-application from 12.00 pm on 30 April 2021 till 12 noon will be able to submit the fee through SMS within the next 72 hours of that time i.e. till 12.00 pm on 03 May 2021 AD.
  3. Rules for online application and fee submission Teletalk Bangladesh Lite’s http://ngi.teletalk.com.bd website. And displayed on NTRCA’s NTRCA website. One of these issues Sample (demo) is available on Teletalk Bangladesh Limited website.
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Final words:

I have published the NTRCA 3rd Public Notice 2022 with you through that post. Where all the information about the 3rd public notification published by the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has been presented. We hope you all understand and at the same time benefit from this information.