16th NTRCA MCQ Preli Result 2019 School & College Level

16th NTRCA MCQ Preli Result 2019 | School & College

16th NTRCA MCQ Preli Result 2019 | School & College has been published on My website bdjobstoday.info today. Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) plans to release the results of the preliminary examination of the 5th Teacher Registration this September. The results of this preliminary examination may be released at the very end of September. NTRCA sources confirmed the information on Wednesday (September 23rd, 2019). Asked about this, an NTRCA official said that the results of the preliminary examination of the 7th teacher registration could be released this month.

The fruit-making work is almost at its end. Officials have begun work on plans to release preliminary results later this month. He also said that high level government consent would be sought on the release of the results very soon. If for some reason it is not possible to publish the results this month, the results of the preliminary examination of the 5th Teacher Registration will be published at the beginning of October. You can find the full details about 16th NTRCA MCQ Preliminary Result 2019 | ntrca.teletalk.com.bd here. You can also check out this similar Govt High School Assistant Teacher Result 2019 | Mcq Preli Exam here.

16th NTRCA MCQ Preli Result 2019 School & College Level

16th NTRCA Result 2019 | Teachers Registration

The Authority/ Controler Name: (NTRCA)- Non Government Teachers Registration And Certification Authority

The Type Of The Exam: Preliminary MCQ

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Name Of The Position: (Please See The Circular)

MCQ Preli Exam Date Was: 30th August, 2019

Result Publish Date: 30th September, 2019

16th NTRCA Preliminary Exam Pass Rate: 23.82%

Total Passed (School level): 96243

Total Passed (College level): 132199

NB: Teletalk BD has started to give the candidates the results of their numbers through SMS on mobile.

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16th NTRCA Exam Result Notice 2019 – See below jpeg image:

16th NTRCA Exam Result Notice 2019

How to See/ Download Your 16th NTRCA Preli Exam Result? Via Online Method:

A Numbers Of People At This Time Use Internet For All Of Work. Candidates Easily See Their 16th ntrca Exam Result by Using Online: Please Follow The Below Tips:

1. Firstly Going To The Official Website (ফলাফল দেখুন পাশের, লিঙ্কে ক্লিক করে)ntrca.teletalk.com

2. Then Type your Preli Test Roll Number on “Roll Number” Option.

3. And Click To The Submit Button/ Completed The All Step.

4. Now You Are See The Result.

16th NTRCA Result 2019

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How Many Candidates Are Participated On 16th NTRCA School And College Level?

The preliminary examination of the 5th Teacher Registration was held on 5th August. The preliminary examination of the school and school phase-2 was held from 8am to 5pm and college-level preliminary examination from 8pm to 3pm. More than 100,000 candidates participated in the exam. Among them, there are 1 lakh 8 thousand 20 Candidates at the school level, 1 lakh 5 thousand 5 in school stage-2 and 1 lakh 12 thousand 5 at the college level. Preliminary examination was conducted in MCQ system in 777 venue of 24 districts of the country.

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When Publish – 16th NTRCA MCQ Result 2019?

All candidates taking part are now concerned, with the 16th NTRCA Result 2019. Because many people apply for junior teachers this time and take the first teacher registration test in life. So they are eagerly waiting for the results. If we look at the results of last year’s preliminary exam results of the Teacher Registration Exam, I see that NTRCA Authority is usually publishing results within 6 months of taking the exam. But this time the written examination of the 5th teacher registration and the preliminary examination of the 7th teacher registration were held around the time. So it is time to start working on the results of 2pm. As you publish the results, you will see the official website and our post. We will publish the results for you in image and PDF format. So Keep Continues Eyes On Our Website.

Exam Subject, Marks And Time:

1. Bengali- 20
2. English- 20
3. General Knowledge (GK) – 20
4. Mathematics – 20.
5. Computer – 20.

Total Marks – 100

Duration:- 1 Hours.

16th NTRCA Written Exam Tips 2019

More than one lakh candidates passed the preliminary examination of the 5th Private Teacher Registration. Candidates from School, School-2 and College level will have to take the written exam in November.

The written test should be given on the subject that the candidate has chosen at the time of application. The test will be at number 4, time is 4 hours. There are many candidates for English and Bengali subjects. Here are the details of preparing for these two things at the school and college level.

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16th NTRCA School Stage Written Exam Preparation:

Candidates of ‘Assistant Teacher (Bangla)’ should first divide the time according to the allocation of questions so that 100% answers can be ensured. Candidate should have a good idea on Bangla literature; According to the syllabus, selected articles like Bangimachandra’s Bangla language, Rabindranath Tagore’s civilization crisis, Pramuth Chowdhury’s youth, Rajatika. Besides, the articles of Kazi Abdul Oud and Motahar Hossain are very important. The stories selected are nocturnal, putimacha, prehistoric, or other stories.

In the poem, Banalta Sen of Jivanand Das, the grave of Jasimuddin and the golden cabin of Al Mahmud will fall. From time to time you can read other stories from the mentioned authors. There are also questions on prose, letter writing and translation (English-Bengali). You need to be proficient in writing essays on any subject. You will also see the questions of the Bangla section that comes in various recruitment exams.


School Stage: 1 on English Grammar and 3 on Writing. The syllabus of the written test should be well controlled.

১. Use of article (number 1): Exceptional rules of the article must be mastered. You need to know the basic uses of A, An, The. Ninth and tenth grade books should be practiced.

2. Use of Preposition (Number 1): Appropriate Preposition should be well known. Preposition-related questions that come from various competitive exams will be solve. The basic rules of the preposition section of the ninth and tenth grade Grammar book should be observed.

৩. Right Form of verb (number 1): Besides knowing the basic rules, the rules for the ‘Basic Language Skill’ section of the Honors Level are very important.

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৪. Correction (Number 1): To do well in this section, you should look at the Subject and Agreement Chapter well. Apart from this, there must also be a clear idea about Sentence making. That is, if you know the correct use of Part of speech, you can do better in this part.

৫. Transformation of Sentence (Number 1):

For this part you need to practice Voice, Simple, Complex, Compound and Active and Passive. The question has to be changed according to the direction of the direction.

৬. Making Sentence With Phrase (Number 1):

There is no substitute for knowing Phrase to do well in this area, especially the Phrase that comes in various tests is important. Besides, no Phrase and idioms in the eleventh grade Grammar book should not be excluded.

৭. Completing Sentence (number 1): There will be 3 incomplete sentences. Grammar’s rules and meaning must be ‘completed’ by completing the rest of the sentence. Knowing the rules and usage of Sequence of tense can be done in this section.

৮. Passage Narration (Number 1): Some general rules of Passage Narration have to be mastered, along with the rules of General Narration. In addition to the ninth-tenth grade, passage narration of the eleventh grade book should be practiced.

৯. Bengali to English Translation: The higher the Vocabulary or English vocabulary, the easier it is to answer this part. In addition, the structure of the English sentence must be considered.

১০. Paragraph Writing (Number 1):

In a standard paragraph, you have to write all the paragraphs in one paragraph, keeping all the features. Sentences must consist of speech. Such a paragraph is more likely to be on the subject of contemporary events.

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১১. The question will contain both Formal Letter and Informal Letter, which should be written in one. By complying with appropriate rules, good numbers can be written in comparatively standard language.

12. Report Writing: Report Writing should be written by specifying the date and place name. Starting, Middle and Ending should be good. But it won’t be like Paragraph.

১৩. Essay or Composition Writing (Number 25): Generally there are questions about a national topic, so knowing the facts and facts of the national issues will be easy to answer. If you can write informative and realistic, good numbers will be taken.

16th NTRCA College Stage Written Exam Preparation:

Written examinations for the ‘Lecturer (Bengali)’ poses questions on the biographies of poets and writers and their significant writings. There may also be questions about the identity and history of the Bangla language.

If you can master the important works of Chandidas , Alaol, Bharat Chandra, Ishwar Chandra, Rabindranath and Pramoth Chowdhury, it is good. You should also be aware of different genres of Bengali literature. Such as Padabali, Mangalakavi, Lyricism, Epic, Drama, Novels etc. Emphasis should be placed on the grammar, synonyms, contradictory words, rhythm and rhetoric from the Bengali grammar section.

College Stage: Candidates should have good preparation for Period, Writer and Writing part as per Syllabus of Honors Course ie English Literature for ‘Lecturer’.

Allotment number 5 in this section. Writings by Shakespeare, Marlowe, William Congreve, Pope, William Wordsworth, Bernard Shaw, Robert Browning, Matthew Arnold, PB Shelley, Charles Dickens, John Milton, in History of English Literature, Period of English Literature Writer By taking possession and answering in the textual language you can make a good number. Besides, Literacy Term such as Epic, Mock Epic novel, Romance, Comedy, Tragedy, Soliloquy, Poetic justice, Lyric metaphor, Simple elegy should be well read.

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Grammar component value is 1. For this, Changing words, Completing Sentence, Letter writing and Summary should be practiced very well. For this there are some good books in the market, from which you can do good by practicing sample questions.

Schedule of written tests for 16 ntrca:

> School & School-2 Stage: 15th November, 2019 to (Friday) from 9am to 12pm.

> College Stage: 15th November, 2019 (Saturday) from 9am to 12pm.Good Luck