NU Degree 3rd Year Result 2022 [Exam Year 2021] Season 2016-17

Finally the NU Degree 3rd year result 2022 has been published on February 10, 2022 at 4 pm. Hello, are you a 3rd year student of a national university degree? Looking for 3rd Year Examination of Degree Pass and Certificate Course (2016-17) sessions? No more worrying, because you’re coming to the right place. It will be revealed here that the results of the third year examination in the 25 degree pass and certificate course conducted under the National University. The results of the third year or the final year (2016-2017) of the old syllabus (including regular, irregular and standard development) will be published on the official website of the National University. You can find the full details about NU Degree 3rd final year result 2021 National University here. You can also check out this similar NU Degree 2nd Year Result 2022 here.

Degree 3rd Year Result

NU Degree 3rd year Result 2022

The results of the final exam for the third year of the 2019 Degree Pass and Certificate Course held under the National University were released on Monday (January 16) at 4 pm. A total of 2 lakh 20 thousand 246 people (including regular, irregular, and degraded) of 1860 colleges participated in the examination in 703 centers across the country during the academic year. The average pass rate in the test is 94 decimal 30 percent. Examination registration and collegiate results can be found on the website

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In addition, the application for admission release slip has been started in Master’s Professional. Application for online release slip for admission in BA / BMAD / BSAD / BPAD / MAD / MSAD / MPAD / MSc in Computer Science / LLB last year admission in the 2020 academic year of the National University will be tomorrow, January 22th, from 12pm to 13pm on January 13. Will continue till

Candidates who (a) did not get merit list, (b) did not get merit list but were not admitted (c) subsequently canceled their admission in merit list or (d) all those applicants who completed the primary application form online in the second phase. The candidate will be able to apply for the release slip.

Detailed information about this admission can be found at the National University website ( Acting Director of Public Relations, Information and Consulting Department of the university. Faizul Karim said this in a press release on Monday.

National University Degree 3rd Year Result 2022

Bangladesh National University is an affiliate university established in 1992. The University was established on 11.39 acres of land in the Bazar Bazar of Gazipur district. The world’s second largest university. There are more than 28 million students studying in affiliated colleges. Dhaka, Chittagong and Rajshahi universities were under increasing pressure to conduct internal education programs while supervising affiliate colleges.

To reduce that pressure and improve the quality of the affiliated colleges, the National University was established on October 21, 1992. Currently the National University has launched four (4) year undergraduate (honors) and one (1) year postgraduate courses through the new syllabus throughout 2013-14. There are also three (3) year term undergraduate (pass) courses and four (4) year graduate (honors) professional courses. This university has a Ph.D. And M.Phil. There are also arrangements.

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On August 31, 2014, the Prime Minister directed the government colleges to take public colleges under the public university while teaching the Ministry of Education. The UGC has taken steps in this regard, and the vice-chancellors also expressed their views at a recent meeting. As a result, on February 17, 2017, seven government colleges of Dhaka were brought out of the “National University” and affiliated with the University of Dhaka. There are 2,249 public and private colleges under the national university across the country. Out of which 857 are graduated in college, the total number of seats is more than 4 lakh 20 thousand. Postgraduate education was taught in 145 colleges.

NU Degree 3rd year result Publish Date

After the completion of all the examinations, the students, in their mouth, say that when the words? When will the results be published? When will the National University Degree Pass and Certificate Course appear for the third year and final year examination results? Such a question is the Vice-Chancellor of the National University: Professor Aaron Aur Rashid told us, NU Degree 3rd year exam result still works.

Already, the exam sheet has been completed. This is the result of the final examination of the pass course, and in this 3rd year all the practical exams are taken. So to complete the Practical Exam, it takes a bit more time to prepare the results. On January 2, the Practical Account of all the colleges reached us. Now, after adding the Practical Examination numbers, the results will be released very soon. It is expected that the degree 3rd year result will be released on February 9, 2022.

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degree 3rd year result 2022 published notice

How to get Degree 3rd Year Exam Result:

Two, a total of two are published in the results of the National University Examination. One is through their official website on the Internet and the other via Mobile Phone SMS. How to see results online and through SMS on mobile phones? The details below are beautifully illustrated.

NU Degree 3rd Year Result by Online Method:

The Internet is one of the discoveries of science that has played a unique role in the development of human civilization. The Internet is one of the leading media outlets in the world. It is a computer based communication system. Today, countries around the world are now neighbors as a result of the establishment of faster communication through the Internet. This system has made the concept of ‘Global Village’ a reality. The Internet has made modern electronics technology a huge potential for human welfare. Currently the Internet is being used for a wide and versatile task.

Now the results of all the tests are also published online through this internet. In the continuation of the National University and back, the results of all their exams are published online here. So that students can get accurate and quick results at home easily. For which must be Internet smart phone, computer, laptop or tablet. Some more information like roll no, registration number, session, college code etc. Below are the rules to look at the results of the national university, with the points well explained below.

  • First go to [ফলাফল দেখুন এখানে]
  • Then click on “Degree” from the left side
  • Then hit the “Third Year” button
  • After clicking this button you have to put your “Registration No
  • Then put your “Roll No
  • Put your “Pass Year
  • Solved the “Captcha Code
  • Finally select the “Search Result” button
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ডিগ্রী ৩য় বর্ষ পরীক্ষার ফলাফল পেতে সমস্যা হলে, আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করে রোল ও রেজিষ্ট্রেশন নং দিন (গ্রুপ লিংক)

NU Degree 3rd Year Exam Result 2021 by SMS Method:

We know that after publishing the results, all the examiners dive into the website to find out their results, so the server gets overloaded due to a lot of stress. So to get the results, there are some problems. But in addition to this problem, mobile phone sms will be able to see very easy and fast results. For that, go to the message option from any mobile operator nu nu <space> h1 <space> reg. No need to type 16222 to get the test result. After sending the SMS you will get a Confirmation message with your NU Degree 3rd Exam Result 2019 of the academic year 2018. Note that each message can be deducted tk 2.50 from balance (with VAT). See below how to get results via SMS.

SMS Method:

Go to your “Mobile Phone Message Option”, then type –

NU <space> DEG3 <space> Degree Exam Roll And Send to 16222 Number

NU Degree 3rd Year Course Wish Result 2022

In the 3rd year of the degree under National University, a total of 7 departments participated. Category 7 is: BA, BSS, BBS, B.COM, B.Sc, Certificate Course, B. Music, B. Sports. The results of the Degree 3rd Year Examination are as follows:

Serial Number: Group/ Department: Participation: Passed:
1. BA 76,118 37201
2. B.S.S 89655 44489
3. B.B.S/B. com 49115 23841
4. B.Sc 5225 2475
5 Certificate Course 635 572
6. B. Music 15 7
7. B. Sports 21 15
In-total: 7 No. of course: 2,20,784 1,08,600
  • Average Passed: 49%
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NU Degree Pass Course Certificate CGPA Final Result 2021

The National University calculates mathematical numbers, letter grades and grade points according to the uniform grading method provided by the University Grants Commission. The grading points are given below:

The points earned in a given year are determined by multiplying the grade points received by the credit of that subject. In this way, the GPA of the year is calculated by dividing the total earned points of all the subjects of the 5 years by total credit of 5 years. Similarly, CGPA is determined by dividing the total credit by adding the total earned points of all the letters of a student to four years.

No credit will be earned for grades below D and will be considered F grade. CGPA counts will be added to credit earned if upgraded from F grade to higher grade. If the F grade is upgraded to a higher grade, there will be no further improvement.

Example: The following is an example of a student having a four-year GPA and integrated CGPA diagnosis.

Serial Number: Course: Credit Earned Points CGPA:
1. 1st year 28 93 Total
2. 2nd year 28 105 (Earned Points/Credit)
3. 3rd year 32 117 88/315
In-total 3 No. of course 88 315 3.57

Every year, a large number of students in degree pass and certificate courses under the National University take the exam and pass and get their bachelor’s degree. We hope that through this post, you all, you will see the results of the final exam in your 3rd year. At the same time, there is information about this. If you have any questions on the results of the 3rd year of the above mentioned degree, please comment in the comment box below. We will try to answer it correctly. A heartfelt thanks to everyone for being with us.

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