PSC English Question Solution

PSC English Question Solution 2019 | All Edu Board Solves

PSC English Question Solution 2019 | All Edu Board Solves has been published on My website today. At the end of the JSC Examination, we appeared again today with a questionnaire and a complete solution for the completion of primary education and examination of English subjects at the Ibtedayi Madrasah. The test starts today, November 17, 2019 at 10:30 am, which runs until 1pm, for a total of 2 hours 30 minutes. We all know that after the test, conscious parents, including the examiners, find a solution to the test. So with everything in mind, we solved it, see below. You can find the full details about PSC English Question Solution 2019 | All Edu Board Solves here. You can also check out this similar JSC Math MCQ & Written Question Solution 2019 | All Board Solves here.

PSC English Question Solution

PSC English Question Solution 2019

Many students’ sleep is disrupted by hearing the English name. Because if you understand this English thing, then it is much easier for people who do not understand and for those who do not understand it can be difficult and at the same time it is possible to say the reason for fear. In fact, English is often the hardest thing to do. To help alleviate all these thoughts and to provide some help, we formulated a solution to the PSC English question. Which will benefit the examiners to find the correct answer to their questions. Then why not delay, complete the solution with your question paper, but yes will be very careful so as not to make any mistake.

After end of the exam, solution will provide here. Stay with us

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PSC English Question Pattern

Before all the exams, everyone should know a good idea about the exam question paper. Because without a good idea about the question paper, it is not possible to get good results in any way. So it is best to have a good understanding of the question paper in advance of the fruits, which will help to do better. Now we will discuss the English subject of PSC exam. The PSC English Subject Examination will be held in full 100, that is, a total of 100 marks, for which the time allotted is 2:30 minutes. The total number of questions is 13, which is required to answer all the questions. The first part will have 1 seen passage for 4 questions, where the number is 33 in total.

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No: Question Topic: Mark Distribution:
1. Column matching or close test 5
2. True/false 6
3. Answer short question 12
4. Write a short composition 12
5. Fill in the blanks according to close test 5
6. True/false 6
7. Answer short question 10
8. Write a simple personal letter 10
9. Make five WH question 10
10. Short question using informative instructions 6
11. Blanks should be filled using the correct 5
12. For arrange and re-writing 10
13. For filling information 5
Total: 13 No of question 13 No of question subject 100 Marks

Board Wise PSC English Question Solves 2019

There are 10 general education boards in Chittagong, Comilla, Jessore, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Barisal, Rajshahi, Dhaka, Mymensing and 1 Madrasa board, respectively, of the total 10 academic board of the English PSC examination will be completed here.

PSC English Question With Full Answer 2019

We have prepared the above solution by collecting question papers from all the boards, already. Which is 100% accurate and accurate. But one thing we are human and not above mistakes. After seeing it so well, after listening and answering, there may be some misunderstandings and it is normal. If you are wrong then forgiveness will look beautiful. Thanks for letting everyone know.