PSC Result

PSC Result 2019 With Full Marksheet – Primary Education Board

PSC Result 2019 With Full Marksheet has been published on My website today. The Primary School Certificate (PSC) is the final exam of primary school. The DPE will publish the Result of PSE exam. Generally, the PSC result publishes within one month after finish the exam. The exam starts on 18th November 2019 and ends on 26th November 2019. After the PSC exam, all of the students wait for the PSC exam result.

This review will show all kinds of methods to check PSC results. In Bangladesh has seven primary education board and one madrasa board. The madrasa board is called Ebtedayee. In this review will show all of the systems that help you to check PSC result 2019 fast and efficiently. This review also describes all kinds of information about primary education. You can find the full details about PSC Result 2019 With Full Marksheet – Primary Education Board here. You can also check out this similar JSC Result 2019 with Full Marksheet – Education Board Result Bangladesh here.

PSC Result

PSC Result 2019

Generally, PSC means a primary school certificate. The PSC exam is the first public exam in Bangladesh. The PSC exam managed by Directorate Primary Education (DPE). The DPE has an official website that publishes all kinds of information about primary education.

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The official website link is Every Year, the DPE publishes the PSC result. DPE also publish the Ebtedayee result. PSC result 2019 and Ebtedayee result 2019 well publish by DPE. If you want to know anything about the result or primary education, you should visit the official website of DPE. This website updates all recent information.

PSC Result 2019 Publish Date

Generally, The PSC exam is known as Prathomik Sikkha Somaponi (প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা সমাপনী ও ইবতেদায়ী সমাপনী পরীক্ষার ফলাফল) Exam. The Primary Education Board of Bangladesh will be published PSC exam results on 29th December 2019. In This Year, almost 29 lakhs Students attend in PSC exam.

The PSC exam starts all over the country on the same day and same time. That is the biggest exam at the primary level, and it is the last final exam to end primary education. After the end of the exam, common, the question is about the result date. All students, teachers, and parents will be wetting for PSC Result 2019 Date.

Check PSC Result 2019 Official Website

The official website of PSC Result 2019 has not exacted domain name. So, a massive number of people don’t know the official website. The official website has a Server IP. It provides PSC result with this Server IP. If you want to visit the official website to check the result, go with an IP address. The IP address is With this IP address, you can visit the official website. Below the step by step guide to check your result with the official website.

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প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা সমাপনী ও ইবতেদায়ী সমাপনী পরীক্ষার ফলাফল প্রকাশ প্রকাশ ২০১৯ । দেখুন নিচের বাটুনে দেওয়া লিংকে ক্লিক করে ।

  • Firstly, Click this link to visit the official website:
  • Examination Name like primary or Edtedayee ( Primary for general and Edtedayee for Madrasha)
  • Thirdly, Select Year
  • Select the Division Name
  • Click on your District from the District Name list.
  • Select Thana/Upazilla
  • Type Roll number
  • At last, click on the Submit button.

PSC Exam Result

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মার্কসীট সহ প্রাথমিক ইবতেদায়ী শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষার ফলাফল সবার আগে পেতে, আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন
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Here in that official all step’s language in Bengali. So, you can easily understand.

Please be noted that all the above steps you will see in Bengali. So, we hope you will get better. Understand. The interface of this website is very user-friendly. So, almost everyone can check result just given some information.

PSC Result 2019 By

Generally, every Year the Teletalk Limited of Bangladesh publishes PSC results. The PSC result 2019 also publish by Teletalk Limited. The Teletalk Limited publish the result on At present, all student has a student ID that added on their PSC Admit Card. The ministry of student adds that ID number, and it is powered by Teletalk limited. That ID number helps the student to check the result quickly from the DPE result website. The student can also check the result by SMS with the student ID number.

Every student ID is a unique number. It designed by student age + Thana Code + Exam Year + Roll number. That ID contains up to 16 Numbers. Below, the system to check the PSC result 2019 with Student ID.

  • Firstly, Go to
  • Secondly, Select Year
  • Thirdly, Type Student ID
  • At last, click on Submit Button
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This instruction helps anyone to get PSC result online just with Student ID. It is a super-easy way to check PSC results within one minute.

PSC Result 2019 Via SMS

The primary level of education most of the students are not use the internet, even mobile. On the other side, a mass number of guardians are not well educated. So, it’s tough to check PSC result online. Besides, SMS is an essential method to check PSC results. The SMS service make by Taletalk Bangladesh Limited. It is so easy to check the PSC result. It just needs a Student ID number. There are two formats to send SMS to check the result. Below, this review will show all the processes of Message Format.

DPE <Space> Student ID Send to 16222

That is one of the popular SMS formats of check PSC results. It is the most recent format launched in 2016. That official format launched by Teletalk Limited. You can easily use this format to check your 2019 PSC result. The SMS is not free; it charges 2.54 BDT per message.

The second format of the typing message is below.

DPE<space>Thana Code <space>Roll Number

HSC Result 2020

You can use this format without the Student ID number. So, if you need to check your PSC result 2019 without the Student ID number, you need to use the Second SMS format. This message you also send to 16222. It also charges 2.54 Tk form your mobile main balance account. After successfully send the message, you will receive a message within 1 or 2 minutes. You are not allowing to send a message before publishing the PSC result. If you send a message before the result publishes, you receive a message that shows the message like the PSC result is not published yet.

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PSC Result 2019 with App

Now a day’s smartphone is so available that almost everyone uses a smartphone. So, it supposed to be a straightforward and fast method to check the result with apps. But, sorry to say that there are no official apps to Check PSC result 2019. But the authority decided to make a mobile app to check PSC results like other public exam results apps. It publishes as soon as possible on apps store. You can find some amount of PSC result check app online, but all to these are not official. So, you should not rely on all types of third party app to checking results fast.

PSC Full Marksheet 2019

The Full mark sheet is known as a result of the subject wise result. It is one of the most important things for students. The mark sheet helps students for Board Challenge as if anyone gets 79 or 78 of any subjects; then, the student can Board Challenge for that Subject. The Full mark sheet is also essential for understanding about the Scholarship result. Usually, there is no additional method available to get results with a full mark sheet. You can check it quickly in the online method. On the other hand, you not able to check the result with a full mark sheet with the SMS system. You are also able to print your result with a total mark sheet from online. To print the full mark sheet, you can see Print Button on the official website of DPE education board Bangladesh. So, anyone can easily print results.

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The Grading System of PSC 2019

The known Grading system is essential for every examine. In PSC exam has no optional subject. As a result, the Main GPA depends on the average GPA of every Subject. Only six subjects included in the PSC exam. Now, here an exam that helps you to understand the Grading system properly. So, imagine the blow given number is your PSC exam result.

Subject Marks Grade Point Grade
English 77 4 A
Bangla 84 5 A+
General Science 90 5 A+
Mathematics 93 5 A+
Islamic Studies 76 4 A
Social Science 84 5 A+

So, From Here, the Average GPA will be (4+5+5+5+4+5) = 28/6 = 4.67. Finally, your letter Grade is A. There is no optional subject, so it’s challenging to find A+ students need to get all subject grade points. This grading system help student to prepare their self to find A+ on all Subject.

Madrasha Board Ebtedayee Result 2019

Ebtedayee result means equivalent or similar exam of PSC. The Ebtedayee result of 2019 will publish at the same time as the PSC result in 2019. There are two ways to check PSC results like Online and SMS. This Year, up to 1.5 Lakh students for the Ebtedayee examination. The Ebtedayee examination exam starts under the Education Board of Madrasha.

Here the online system to check the Ebtedayee exam result. Below the step by step guide to check the Ebtedayee exam result.

  • Firstly, Click this link to visit the official website:
  • Examination Name Edtedayee
  • Select Year
  • Select your Division Name
  • Click on your District from the District Name list.
  • Select Thana/Upazilla
  • Type Roll number
  • Finlay, press on the Submit button.
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Here the SMS Format for check Ebyedayee result 2019. The SMS system will work after the result publish online. You need to type your message with the correct format; otherwise, you not get your result. The correct format SMS message is:

EBT <space> Student ID Number.

After type, that message sends to 16222. To address that message, you must need 2.54 TK in your main account. You won’t send this message with emergence balance. To check your results fast, you can use both methods.

PSC Result Re-Scrutiny – PSC Board Challenge 2019

The Result Re-Scrutiny is generally known as board challenge. It is an essential system that allows the student to recheck their result sheet. The Result Re-Scrutiny system starts from the result day, and it continues the next 15 days. You can only use the SMS system for Board Challenge. To send the message, you need Taletalk prepaid number only that operator allows to send a message for result Re-Scrutiny. Here the process to send SMS. Firstly, you need to keep at least 185 BDT balances in your account. Because the SMS charge 180 TK per Subject. Secondly, you have to go your mobile message option and type

DPRSC <space> Student ID <Space> Subject Code and Send to 16222.

The Example: DPRSC 113042967403291 114 Send to 16222.

Here, 113042967403291 is a Student ID, and 114 is the Subject Code. After you send that message within 1 or 2 minutes, you will receive a message with the student name, PIN, and Chargeable amount for Board Challenge. The PIN that you receive it needs for the second message. Here the correct format for the second message:

DPRSC <space> YES <space>PIN Number<space>Contact Number and Send to 16222.

Example: DPRSC YES 50234685 01XXXXXXXXX and Send to 16222.

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PSC Scholarship Result 2019

After the PSC result publish the Scholarship result will release. The result will publish within 90 days. The Scholarship result publishes on the Ministry of Education Bangladesh’s website. The Education Ministry announces district wise results. You can check the PSC scholarship result 2019 in online. To Know the PSC scholarship, you need to visit the official website. The information that you require to check the PSC scholarship result is Division Name, District Name, Thana Name, PSC Roll Number, and Year. It is so easy to check the PSC Scholarship Result. Anyone can quickly check the Scholarship result from the official website of Bangladesh education board.

Final Word:

At last, I hope this review helps you to know about the PSC result of 2019. PSC is one of the important examinations for all students. After five years of primary schooling, the student gives the primary school certificate exam. This exam provides excellent inspiration for feature studies. If anyone fails in the PSC exam, the student can retake the exam. They can retake their exams with other regular students.

If you want to know the PSC exam result fast, you need to know the PSC exam all checking system. This review broadly discusses all kinds of methods to check the result. So, this review helps you a lot to check your results quick and fast. Here you find the proper step by step guideline. Finally, after reading this review, anyone can check PSC or Ebtedayee results quickly.