SSC Board Challenge Result

SSC Board Challenge Result 2022 {এসএসসি বোর্ড চ্যালেঞ্জ রেজাল্ট প্রকাশ}

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam is a prestigious exam in Bangladesh. It is the last exam of school life in Bangladesh. SSC Result Board Challenge has been a useful process for a lot of students for a long time. It is also known as SSC Result Scrutiny 2022. Some students do not get their desired results in SSC Board Exam. If they feel doubt about their result, they can challenge the board to recheck their exam papers again.

SSC Board Challenge Result

SSC Board Challenge Result 2022

In this year’s SSC and equivalent examinations, 2 lakh 36 thousand 471 candidates have applied for re-examination of the results as they did not get the expected results. They have challenged a total of 4 lakh 41 thousand 919 books. Of these, only 3 lakh 95 thousand 898 books of SSC examination, 28 thousand 484 books of submission and 17 thousand 537 books of SSC Vocational have been re-examined.

Why SSC Board Challenge 2022?

SSC exam is the last exam of school in Bangladesh. This year approximately 21 Lakh examine has sat for the SSC exam.

Total of the students is coming from 8 general education board, madrasah board and vocational board. Some students who failed last year in the SSC exam are also attending this year exam. SSC exam has been started from 14th of November 2021. Students are attending the exams very happily. But some of them could not stay happy after seeing their results.

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SSC exam normally is a paper-based exam. Students write their roll number, registration number, subject code and so on into the first page of their exam paper. But the problem is, many students make mistakes while filling these pieces of information,because, they feel nervous during their exams. Think a thing. You have given your English exam very well.

But you did a mistake in the subject code or roll number. Now your result will be given as fail. At this moment, what can you do? Bangladesh education board has given you a chance to make it correct. You can challenge to recheck your exam paper. It will help you to correct your mistakes.

One more thing. If you didn’t get the ideal result you deserve, you can also challenge the board to recheck your paper again because,and our exam papers are marked by humans. So they can make mistakes during checking exam papers. You should challenge the board result if you didn’t get the ideal result. That’s why SSC Result All Board challenge system is formed.

The process of Board Result Challenge

After the SSC result, board authority will declare the date of board challenge. Apply will remain for 7 days. Don’t miss out the timing of board result challenge. But there is a difference of SSC result rescrutiny application process. JSC Result 2022

As our previous experience, we can expect the date and the process of the board result challenge. There is a two-step process. You can only apply for the challenge via SMS.

First Message/SMS:

RSC<space>1st Three letter of board name<space>SSC roll<space>Subjects code and Send it to 16222.

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Example for General Board: RSC<space>DHA<space>123456<space>123  (send it to 16222)

Ex. for Madrasah Board: RSC<space>MAD<space>123456<space>123  (send it to 16222)

Ex. for Technical Board: RSC<space>TEC<space>123456<space>123  (send it to 16222)

NB: If you want to challenge for more than one subject, then use a comma to divide the subject code.

Example for more than one subject:

RSC<space>DHA<space>123456<space>123,456,789  (send it to 16222)

Second Message/SMS:

After the first message, you will receive a reply message from the board authority. A pin number will be there for you. You will have to use it for the second message. If you agree with to give the required fee to the authority then you will have to confirm it by the second message. Now, you will need some requirements.

  • A Teletalk SIM Card.
  • 125 Tk. on your Teletalk SIM Card. Because they will deduct the Fee from your Teletalk SIM Card.
  • Have an extra 5 Tk. in your mobile. Because per SMS will cost you 2.44 Tk. And note one thing. The whole process you will have to do by using the same Teletalk SIM Card.

Second Message Example:

RSC<space>YES<space>PIN Number<space>Your Contact Number (Send it to 16222)

SSC result board challenge 2022 or SSC khata challenge 2022 is still to come. But you need be alert if you or your any relative is an SSC candidate, because SSC results actually a big factor. So be aware of SSC board result challenge.

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SSC Board Challenge Result 2022 Published Date

The results of the 2022 SSC and equivalent examinations will be released on January 21. Sources from the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee confirmed the information. According to inter-board sources, the books requesting re-examination are being re-added. The boards are busy preparing the results of the re-examination. The results of SSC and equivalent re-examination will be released simultaneously on June 30. The results of SSC and equivalent examinations were released on December 30, 2021. Those who did not get the expected results were able to apply for a review of the results from 1st January to January 8, 2022.

SSC ReScrutiny Result 2022 Download

According to the source, out of 2 lakh 38 thousand 471 candidates who have applied for re-examination, 57 thousand 790 candidates of Dhaka Board have applied for re-examination of 1 lakh 46 thousand 260 books. Besides, 23,850 books of Barisal Board, 52,246 books of Chittagong Board, 39,303 books of Comilla Board, 40,075 books of Dinajpur Board, 34,285 books of Jessore Board, 31,331 books of Mymensingh Board, Rajshahi. 44,061 books of the Board and 32,790 books of the Sylhet Board have been re-examined.

SSC Khata Challenge 2021

Through this post, we have discussed the application process for re-examination of SSC results and information regarding the publication of its results. Note that the results of SSC and equivalent were released last 31st May. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the results of SSC and equivalent examinations through video conference. Education Minister was involved at the time. Dipu Moni and Deputy Minister of Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel. If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding this post please let us know in the comments box below and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. I am ending here in the hope of good results for all, thanks for staying with us.

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