SSC Result Grading

SSC Result Grading System in Bangladesh all education Board

SSC result will be published according to SSC Result Grading System by the Education Ministry of Bangladesh within a month after the SSC Examination and distributes every School and those institutions from where students attempt in SSC examination.

SSC Result Grading System All Board

The previous grade point was arranged by divisions, like first division, second division, third division and those who can’t get pass called fail. There was another system called first class for those who get top marks among the divisions.

But nowadays the SSC Result Grading System for All Board are classified based on the GPA (Grade Point Average) system by grade A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F. Those students who get above 80 marks on 100 in a subject get A+ on that subject, and also score 5 points and who get A+ on every subject, have result golden A+ on the board.

Letter Grade Marks points
A+ 80-100 5
A 70-79 4
A- 60-69 3.5
B 50-69 3
C 40-49 2
D 33-39 1
F 0-32


Similarly, who get 70-80 marks on 100 scores 4 points called grade A, 60-70 marks on 100 scores 3.50 points for Grade B, 50-60 marks, scores 3 points for Grade C, and whose can’t cross 33 marks graded F fail and between C and F there is a grade D for those who score 33-50 and 2.5 points for them. The number of points goes through an adding and division process to publish the final score of points.

SSC grading system 2019

The grading point system will remain the same according to the last correction for the Education Ministry of Bangladesh in 2017. And Information and communication Technology subject is being compulsory for all the participants.

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How to find SSC result in online?

The Education Ministry will distribute the SSC result 2019 to all the educational institutions. So anyone can get SSC result from their respective Educational institutions. Anyone can collect their results and mark sheet via Online also. You can also get JSC Result Here

You can visit the official website of the education ministry for all type of board examination result. There you can simply get the result by putting all the information like type of examination, year, your respective board, Roll no and Registration no from your admit card. After clicking the submit button you can get all the information there.

Here first three Digit of the Board is given below.

How to check SSC result via SMS

You can easily get to know your SSC result 2019 from your phone. All the Mobile sim operator providing that service for a very low cost. Anyone who knows your information can do it with two easy step. You just have to type a message “SSC/Alim<space>first three Digit of the Board <space> Roll no <space> Year of Exam” and have to send to 16222.

DHA= Dhaka Board

CHI= Chittagong

COM= Comilla Board Board

BAR= Barisal Board

JES= Jessore   Board

SYL= Sylhet Board

RAJ= Rajshahi Board

DIN= Dinajpur Board

MAD= Madrasah Board

TEC= Technical Board

From 2001, SSC Result Grading System has been developed which replaced the previous divisional grading system. All board exams like HSC, SSC, JSC, PSC exam’s result maintain the same grading system.