What Breed Of Dog Is Tracker From Paw Patrol?

Tracker is a Golden Retriever.

Who was Ryders first pup?

Ryders first pup was a black lab named Harley.

Is Tracker a Chihuahua?

Yes, Tracker is a chihuahua.

What breed is Tracker PAW Patrol?

The Tracker PAW Patrol is a breed of dog that is used to help protect people and property from animals.

Who is the oldest pup in PAW Patrol?

The oldest pup in PAW Patrol is Piper. She was born in 2016.

What age is Ryder in PAW Patrol?

Ryder is in PAW Patrol when the show began.

Does Skye have a crush on Chase?

No, Skye does not have a crush on Chase.

Who is Rex from PAW Patrol?

Rex is a character from the Paw Patrol television series.

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What is rocky from PAW Patrol breed?

The Paw Patrol is a breed of dog that is known for its tough, protective nature.

What is Liberty’s job in PAW Patrol?

Liberty is the dog who patrols the streets of PAW Patrol. She is a brave and loyal pet who helps keep our community safe.

Is Tracker from PAW Patrol a corgi?

No, Tracker is not from PAW Patrol.

Where are Ryder’s parents?

Ryder’s parents are not currently known.

What kind of dog is Chase?

Chase is a black labrador retriever.

What breed is liberty from PAW Patrol?

The Liberty from Paw Patrol is a dog breed that is known for being brave and loyal.

What dog Is Kim Kardashian in PAW Patrol?

Paw Patrol is a children’s television show that is produced by The Walt Disney Company. It is a show about a dog named Sam who is a search and rescue dog who helps people in danger.

Who is the yellow dog in PAW Patrol?

The yellow dog in PAW Patrol is a character who appears in the series’ first episode.

What breed of dog is Skye from PAW Patrol?

skye is a paw patrol dog

Does tracker speak Spanish?

Yes, tracker speaks Spanish.

What kind of dog is liberty?

A dog that is independent and loves to run around.

Who is Ella in PAW Patrol?

Ella is a character in the Paw Patrol series. She is a spunky, optimistic pup who loves to help her friends and family in any way she can.

What kind of dog is Scooby Doo?

Scooby Doo is a small, brown dog with a white muzzle and a brown body. He is usually seen wearing a red and green collared shirt and blue jeans.

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