What Does Accustomed Means?

The word “accustomed” is used to describe something that has been done often or that is familiar to someone.

How do you use edge in a sentence?

Edge can be used to improve readability, sentence structure, and to create a more concise text.

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Were accustomed to meaning?

We are accustomed to meaning what we use words to mean.

How do you use accustomed in a sentence?

A:To indicate that something is familiar or habitual, you might use “acustomed” to indicate that it has been done a certain way before.

What is another word for getting used to?


Is accustomed the same as used to?

Yes, the same as used to.

Can you say accustomed with?

Yes, I can say “acustomed with.”

What is to endure?

The answer to this question is difficult to say as it depends on the individual. Some may find comfort in the knowledge that they will experience something again and again, while others may feel the need to endure through hardships in order to achieve something they desire. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what they believe to be the most enduring thing in life.

What is an example of accustomed?

An example of accustomed is someone who has been living in a certain area for a while and has become used to the weather and the people.

What is the meaning of an accustomed?

An accustomed is a person who has been living in the same place for a long time.

How do I say I feel sorry for someone?

“I feel sorry for someone because they are in pain.”

What is a sentence for famine?

A sentence for famine is “There is no food. All the animals are dead.”

What is a better word for Which?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different opinions. Some people might prefer “Which?” because it is a specific word and it is used in a specific context. Other people might prefer “What is?” because it is a general word that can be used for many different things.

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What is the meaning of get used to?

The meaning of get used to is to become comfortable with something.

What does much to his dismay mean?

The phrase “much to his dismay” means that the person is very unhappy with what has happened.

What is verb form of accustom?

verb form of accustom is to become familiar with

Would rather to grammar?

I would rather to grammar because it is a skill that I need to improve.

What is a antonym for accustom?

A contrarian is someone who is not used to the status quo.

What is a fancy word for different?

A fancy word for different is “differentiate.”

What is the meaning of accustomed Class 8?

The meaning of “admired Class 8” is someone who has done well in school and has been accepted by the society.

Are accustomed to doing?

Yes, I am accustomed to doing a lot of things.

What was the worst famine in history?

The worst famine in history was the Great Famine of 1847-48 in India. It killed over a million people and caused a significant loss of life in the Indian subcontinent.

What is the synonym of accustomed?

The synonym of accustomed is “used to.”

What is the meaning of get the feeling?

The feeling of being in a good place or having a good mood.

What’s another word for the color white?

A white color is the absence of color.

What does it mean to accustom yourself?

It means to become accustomed to something, to become comfortable with it.

Is it accustom or accustomed?

The answer to this question depends on the person. Some people may find it to be an usual thing, while others may not.

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What’s another way to say on the other hand?

Another way to say on the other hand is “What if?”

What is the sentence of refuge?

The sentence of refuge is a phrase used in the Bible to describe people who are fleeing from a danger or persecution.

How do you spell Acustom?


What is the meaning of accustomed in Oxford dictionary?

admired, used, familiar