What Is The Term For When Waste Matter Leaves The Body?

The term used to describe when waste matter leaves the body is called excretion.

What is the body’s largest waste removal system?


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The body’s largest waste removal system is the stomach.

What is the meaning of respire and excrete?

respire is the process of breathing in and exhaling air, and excrete is the process of putting air and gas into and out of the body

Which of the following is removed by the excretory system?

The body removes waste products by the excretory system.

What is an organ?

An organ is a structure in a human body that helps the body to produce sound.

What does it mean to excrete waste?

Excreting waste means that the body breaks down and removes waste from the body. This can be done through the nose, mouth, or rectum.

What is another name for the excretory system?

The urinary system.

What is the term used to describe the removal of waste products of metabolism?

The term used to describe the removal of waste products of metabolism is purging.

What waste comes out from your skin?

The waste that comes out of your skin is the products that you use and the sweat that you produce.

How is waste removed from the body?

Waste removal from the body is a process of removing waste from the body through the nose and mouth. The main methods used are vomiting, diarrhea, and faecal excretion.

What is the strongest word for hate?

The word “hate” is not a strong word for hate.

What are the excretory organs in man?

The excretory organs in man are the kidneys, bladder, and Pancreas.

Is leaf an excretory organ?

Leaf is an excretory organ.

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What is the meaning of word Execrate?

Execute is a verb meaning to carry out a plan or action.

Why is waste removal from the body essential?

Waste removal from the body is essential because it helps to prevent the spread of diseases and other harmful organisms. By removing waste from the body, we can improve our overall health and wellbeing.

What is the noun for excrete?

The noun for excrete is urine.

What are the types of excretion?

The types of excretion are urine, feces, and milk.

Where does the waste material in the body come from?

The waste material in the body comes from the organs and tissues that are no longer working properly.

What is the meaning of the word atelectasis?

Atelectasis is a narrowing of the air space around the heart, caused by obstruction of the flow of air.

What is the meaning of anaerobically?

Anaerobic means “without air.”

What does the term respire mean?

respire means to breathe in and out.

What do plants excrete?

Plants excrete a variety of substances, including water, nutrients, and spores.

What is waste from the body called?

Waste from the body is called “urine.”

What organ system is responsible for eliminating waste from the body?

The kidney is responsible for eliminating waste from the body.

What is a nitrogenous waste?

A nitrogenous waste is a waste product of an organism that contains nitrogen.

What happens when waste accumulates in the body?

The body is able to break down these waste materials into their component parts. These component parts can then be used by the body in different ways, or can be put into the environment to be recycled.

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How do I use word Execrate?

To execute a command, use the “exec” command.

What is the role of leaves in excretion?

Leaves are important in excretion because they help the body break down food and eliminate waste.

Where is waste stored in the body?

Waste stored in the body is typically in the form of fat, bone, and other materials that are not used by the body.

What is another word for excretion?

The word “exretion” is used to describe the process of passing urine.

Is Obduration a word?

No, Obduration is not a word.