Which Of The Following Contains Hydrolytic Enzymes What Organelle Contains Hydrolytic Enzymes?

The organelle that contains hydrolytic enzymes is the mitochondrion.

Which of the following is a hydrolytic enzyme Mcq?


A hydrolytic enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of a substrate into a product is called a Mcq.

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What is meant by hydrolytic action?

Hydrolysis is the breakdown of a molecule by breaking down the hydrocarbon chains into smaller molecules.

Which is not digested by hydrolytic enzymes?

The answer to this question is not known.

How do Golgi bodies and lysosomes work together?

Golgi bodies are responsible for the trafficking of proteins across the cell membrane. Lysosomes are responsible for breaking down and degrading proteins.

Which organelle produces the hydrolytic enzymes contained within the lysosomes?

The lysosome is a storage organelle in the cells that stores enzymes that hydrolyze proteins.

Are the cellular organelles that contain a diverse mixture of hydrolytic enzymes?

Yes, the cellular organelles that contain a diverse mixture of hydrolytic enzymes are typically called “laboratories.”

What in the cell contains hydrolytic enzymes?

The cell contains hydrolytic enzymes which break down proteins to their amino acids.

What cell structure produces enzymes in the pancreas?

The cell structure that produces enzymes in the pancreas is called a beta-cell.

What organelles depend on lysosomes?

The organelles that depend on lysosomes are the endoplasmic reticulum, the Golgi apparatus, and the peroxisome.

Where are lysosomes located?

Lysosomes are found in the lysosome membrane.

What is hydrolytic cell?

A hydrolytic cell is a cell that breaks down proteins into their component amino acids.

What does Golgi apparatus do?

Golgi apparatus is a name for a group of proteins that are involved in the assembly of the cell membrane.

What are hydrolytic enzymes in digestive system?

Hydrolytic enzymes are present in the digestive system in order to break down food. These enzymes help to break down proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

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Which organelle contains hydrolytic enzymes that digest macromolecules?

The mitochondria are the organelles that contain hydrolytic enzymes that digest macromolecules.

What are lysosomes and from where are they formed?

Lysosomes are small, round, white cells that are found in the body’s cells and help to degrade food.

Which of the following contains its own DNA and ribosomes?

A. A virusB. A plantC. A bacteriumC. A bacterium

Which of the following are hydrolytic enzymes?

A) Glucose-6-phosphate aldolaseB) Beta-glucuronidaseC) Glucose-6-phosphate aldolaseC) Glucose-6-phosphate aldolase

Is amylase a hydrolytic enzyme?

Yes, amylase is a hydrolytic enzyme.

What organelle make assemble proteins?

The organelle that make assemble proteins is the chaperone.

Which of the following organelle contains hydrolytic enzymes?

The organelle that contains hydrolytic enzymes is the mitochondrion.

Are hydrolytic enzymes digestive enzymes?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific hydrolytic enzyme in question. However, some hydrolytic enzymes are known to digest food more efficiently than others, so it is important to determine which one is related to your digestive system in order to determine if it is an appropriate enzyme for you.

How do nucleolus and ribosomes work together?

Nucleolus are small, rod-shaped pieces of DNA that are found near the tips of chromosomes. Ribosomes are large, cylindrical pieces of protein that are found near the center of a chromosome. They work together to create new proteins.

Which animal cell organelle contains enzymes that transfer hydrogen?

The animal cell’s mitochondria contain enzymes that transfer hydrogen.

Where do hydrolytic enzymes accumulate?

There are a few different places hydrolytic enzymes can accumulate. One place is in the blood, where they can be used to break down food. Another place is in the stomach, where they can help break down food.

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What is an oxidase enzyme?

An oxidase enzyme is a molecule that catalyzes the oxidation of one molecule of an environmental pollutant to another molecule.

In which of the following structures are the hydrolytic enzymes most likely to accumulate?

The hydrolytic enzymes are most likely to accumulate in the lysosomes.

What organelle synthesizes lysosomes?

The lysosome is an organelle that synthesizes lysosomes.

Do Centrioles store hydrolytic enzymes?

Yes, centrioles do store hydrolytic enzymes.

What are the two organelles containing a digestive enzyme?

The two organelles containing a digestive enzyme are the stomach and the small intestine.

What is a centrosome in biology?

A centrosome is a type of cell nucleus that is located near the center of a cell. It helps to organize and function the cell’s DNA.