Who Kills Othello?

Othello kills his own father to gain revenge on his mother.

Is Iago an anti hero?

Yes, Iago is an antihero. He is a scheming, manipulative man who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He is also a very powerful individual, able to manipulate and control people and events.

Did Iago get killed?

No, Iago did not get killed.

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Why is Othello a tragedy?

Othello is a tragedy because it is a story of a love that is forbidden and is eventually put to death.

Is Othello black?

Othello is black, and the playwright’s intention is not to explore the character’s race.

Why does Othello give Emilia money?

Othello gives Emilia money because he wants her to forget him. He believes that if she remembers him she will be upset and not want to be near him.

Who does Desdemona blame for her death?

The speaker does not know who Desdemona blames for her death.

Did Desdemona cheat on Othello?

Yes, Desdemona cheated on Othello with Iago.

Does Desdemona love Othello?

No, Desdemona does not love Othello.

What happened when Cassio and Roderigo fought?

When Cassio and Roderigo fought, they were both very angry and their swords were drawn. They fought very fiercely and there was a lot of blood. Roderigo was able to kill Cassio, but he was also injured.

Is Desdemona responsible for her own death?

No, Desdemona is not responsible for her own death.

Who killed brabantio?

The answer to this question is difficult to determine as no one knows for sure who killed Brabantio. However, some believe that Brabantio was killed by a band of robbers who took him prisoner.

Who survives in the play Hamlet?

Hamlet survives the play because he is able to think about and deal with his problems in a way that allows him to come to terms with them.

Is Iago in love with Othello?

No, Iago is not in love with Othello.

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Who dies in Act 5 of Othello?

Othello kills Desdemona because she has been caught in a love triangle with Othello and Iago.

Who Killed Iago in Othello?

The play Othello is about a man who has a love-hate relationship with his father. Iago tries to kill him for revenge on behalf of his mother.

Who kills Cassio Othello?

There is no definitive answer to this question since the play has been performed many times and many different actors have portrayed Cassio.

How does Iago destroy Othello?

Iago destroys Othello by telling him that he is not the man that he thinks he is and that he desires to be more like his father. Othello is hurt by this and decides to kill Iago.

Who dies in Othello in order?

Othello kills Desdemona in order to win her love.

WHO suggests strangling Desdemona in bed?

WHO suggests strangling Desdemona in bed because she is a “savage and promiscuous woman.”

Who kills Emilia?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is an open-ended question.

How is Roderigo killed?

According to the novel, Roderigo is killed by a group of Moorish mercenaries who mistake him for a Christian.

What happened to Othello Iago and Cassio in the end?

Othello Iago and Cassio are killed in the end of Shakespeare’s play Othello.

What is Iago’s punishment?

Iago is punished by being made to stand in the corner with a whip.

How is Emilia treated in Othello?

Othello is treated very poorly by Emilia. She is constantly made to feel like a burden and is constantly being made to do things she doesn’t want to do. She is also constantly made to feel like she is not good enough.

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Why did Iago stab Emilia?

Iago stabbed Emilia because he was jealous of her relationship with Othello.

What is the significance of Othello’s suicide at the end of Shakespeare’s Othello and does it achieve anything?

The suicide of Othello at the end of Shakespeare’s Othello has been debated by scholars. Some argue that it achieves nothing and that Othello’s death is a tragicomic event that is ultimately meaningless. Others argue that Othello’s suicide is a sign of Othello’s mental breakdown and that it represents a turning point in his character.

What is the ending of Othello?

Othello’s death is not clear, but it is likely that he is killed by Desdemona after she finds out he has been seeing her sister.

What kind of bird is Iago?

A jay.

How is Iago cruel?

Iago is cruel because he does not care about the people he hurts. He does not care about the pain he causes others and he does not care about his own well-being.

How did Othello died?

Othello died of a heart attack.