Write A Conversation with a Doctor About Sickness

Write A Conversation with a Doctor About Sickness [Class 6 English Asgmt]

Students will be able to-

Participate in short dialogues and conversation on familiar topics
Use punctuation’s accurately

Write A Conversation with a Doctor About Sickness

One of your family members has been sick. You have found some health problems in him/her such as: source; www.dshe.gov.bd.

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Body Pain
  • Cough

write a conversation with a doctor

Now, write a conversation with a doctor.

Class 6 Assignment Answer 2nd Week
Subject: English

A Conversation with a doctor about sickness

Myself: Good morning, Dr. Sharmin!
DR. Sharmin: Good morning! What’s wrong with you?

Myself: I am fine but my father has been suffering from fever since yesterday.
DR. Sharmin: What kind of symptoms does he have?

Myself: He has many types of sympt like fever, headache, body pain and cough.
DR. Sharmin: Let me take patient temperature. At this time the fever is 102 degre Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. I am giving you the medicine, and your father will be all right in couple of days.

Myself: Thank you, doctor.
DR. Sharmin: But get your father blood tested for malaria, and come with the report tomorrow.

Myself: OK doctor.
DR. Sharmin: I shall recommend at least two days rest for your father.

Myself: Would you prepare a medical certificate father to submit it in his office?
DR. Sharmin: Oh sure. is your father medical certificate.

Myself: Thank you take this med much. Please tell me how shall my father amaul Has
Dr. Sharmin: This medicine is for one day only. Provide this dose as soon as reach your home and the second at 3 pm and the third at night before sleeping.

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Myself: What should my father eat doctor?
DR. Sharmin: You father should eat only light food, can take milk and fresh fruit also.

Myself: How much shall I pay you doctor?
DR. Sharmin: You can pay consultation fee at the reception desk.

Myself: Thanks doctor.
DR. Sharmin: It’s all right.

Myself: Thank you doctor. I shall see you tomorrow with my father blood report.

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Your conversation should include the following points –

1. Questions & Answer


• Health problems
• Health & hygiene
• Remedies


W/H & Yes/No questions

4. Proper punctuation s (Note: Your conversation must contain 5 questions and their answers or 10 exchanges of statements. Fragmented sentences like: Hi/Hello?Yes/No/Very Good/Thank You/ Welcome/ Bye will not be counted as sentence)